Hilde Lysiak’s amazing real-life girl-detective story coming to Apple TV


A show about girl reporter Hilde Lysiak is coming to Apple TV.
Girl reporter Hilde Lysiak solved a murder when she was 9 years old. What have you done today?
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Ever since the days of Nancy Drew, girl detectives have been a staple of young adult fiction. But Hilde Lysiak is the real deal: at 9 years old, she solved a murder.

Apple purchased the TV rights to her story, and will turn it into a 10-episode series. The show, which is as-yet untitled, will be a mystery drama.

Twitter flips out over mysterious Tim Cook tweet


Tim's got a lot to be happy about.
Tim's got a lot to be happy about.
Photo: Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook set Twitter ablaze with speculation today — and all it took was a simple smiley face emoji.

Cook sent out a tweet with just a smiley face emoji this morning. No other context was provided, and the tweet got deleted shortly later, leading Apple fans on Twitter to wonder what the most powerful man in tech was really trying to say.

These are the most popular theories:

U.K. Retailer Lists ‘Apple Mystery Product’ On List Of Top Ten Christmas Gifts


Has Apple been running Instapaper on the iPad mini?
Retailers expect a "mystery" Apple device to be a big hit this Christmas.

We’re nearly halfway through July, and while the vast majority of us are enjoying the summer weather (unless you live in the U.K. where it continues to rain), retailers are already preparing for Christmas. U.K. retailer Currys and PC World just published its of predictions for the top ten gifts this holiday, and at number four it lists an “Apple mystery device” with pricing to be confirmed.

Could this mystery device be the upcoming iPad mini?

Readers Ask I Answer: What Is That Mysterious Symbol On Your iPhone?



I take a lot of the things for granted on my iPhone, since I’ve been using one since the original was released back in 2007. Apple released the iPhone, which many call the iPhone 2G, along with an Apple branded Bluetooth headset. That headset didn’t last very long and it was ultimately abandoned by Apple and replaced by third-party alternatives.

Therefore, although Apple abandoned the headset market iOS retained the support that Apple baked into each Bluetooth headset they made. That support allows my iPhone 4 to display the mysterious symbol that a fair number of readers comment about on my posts. So what is it?