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Get these award-winning earbud translators for less than $100


Get these award-winning earbud translators for under $100 during our Back-to-School Sale.
Stop struggling to understand foreign languages. These translation earbuds can do it in real time.
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Imagine being able to communicate with people of other cultures in 37 different languages, all with the same earbuds that you use to listen to music and answer calls. That’s precisely what you can get with Mymanu’s Clik S Translation Earbuds.

And now you can take advantage of this amazing tech for less. Thanks to our Back-to-School Sale, you can get a set of these translating Bluetooth earbuds for only $99.97 (regularly $157).

These earbuds translate 37 languages on the fly


These earbuds know 37+ languages, and they're only $89.97 for a few days more.
Don't wait for Prime Day to get a pair of translation earbuds for less than $100.
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Traveling is exciting, but if you don’t speak the local language, it can be hard to connect with others, find the best local spots or simply ask for directions. Translation apps are an option, but they’re not the best one. You could wait for Prime Day to find a fancy smart translator, or you could pick one up during an earlier sale right here.

During our version of Prime Day, you can get a pair of Mymanu Clik S Translation Earbuds on sale for only $89.97, no coupon needed. But hurry, since this incredible deal only lasts through July 14!

These award-winning translation earbuds make an incredible Mother’s Day gift


A woman wearing Mymanu Clik S translation earbuds.
Your mom will love these amazing translation earbuds.
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What if you could speak to anyone, anywhere, regardless of language barriers? For the mom who loves to travel (or just chat with everybody), we’ve found the ultimate gift: the Mymanu Clik S translation earbuds.

Like magic, these comfortable earbuds will translate conversations in an astounding 37 languages, taking travel experiences to a whole new level. Even better, you can grab these earbuds at a special price of only $109.97 (regularly $157). While this sale lasts until May 14, you’ll have to order by May 3 to ensure Mom receives them in time for Mother’s Day. 

These $110 earbuds can translate dozens of languages


These CES-featured translation earbuds are only $109.99, and can translate 37+ languages.
Speak the local language wherever you go with these translation earbuds.
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If you’re planning an international vacation this year, and don’t know the local language(s), you might want to pack a translator. These translation earbuds make it easy to talk to new people you meet in their language.

The Mymanu Clik S earbuds look and work like ordinary high-quality wireless earbuds, but they double as instant translators for 37 languages. And right now, you can get them for only $109.99 (regularly $220) through March 5.

These discounted translation earbuds know 37 languages


Become a language pro with these discounted translation earbuds that know 37+ languages.
Put the "buy" in "bilingual" and get a pair of translation earbuds for just $119.99.
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Traveling abroad is exciting, but sticking to the touristy parts might not get you the full authentic experience. If you want to connect with people around the world — and truly experience everything a new place has to offer — you could start by becoming conversationally fluent in the 30-plus languages used by the bulk of the world’s population.

If you don’t have time for that, you can get a pair of earbuds that do it for you. The Mymanu Clik S were featured at CES 2023 and can almost instantly translate 37 languages. And, they’re now on sale for $119.99.

These $99 earbuds translate 37 languages in real time


Communicate With Over 2 Billion People in 37+ Languages!
There's still time to get a pair of translation earbuds by the holidays. (Plus, they're 55% off.)
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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being able to understand the local language can make your trips more enjoyable. And you don’t necessarily have to learn it, either.

You can carry a bit of fluency in your pocket with an award-winning pair of Mymanu Clik S smart translation earbuds. They can help you communicate in up to 37 languages. Order for $99 (regularly $220) by December 8 to ensure your earbuds arrive in time for the holidays.

Shatter language barriers with these iOS-compatible translation earbuds


Talk to almost anyone with these iOS compatible translation earbuds.
Get a live translation on your iPhone and in your ears with these futuristic earbuds.
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Planning on traveling soon? If you’re going international, you might want to bring along something that will make communicating in another language easier. No, we don’t mean a dictionary, and we certainly don’t mean Google Translate.

Mymanu Clik S are award-winning translation earbuds. Pop them in your ears, and they will feed you a live translation of a conversation in a variety of languages. And right now, these futuristic earbuds cost less than ordinary AirPods. You can snag a pair for just $99 (regularly $220) with code CLIK.