Beloved iPod shuffle is reborn for the Spotify era


Mighty Clipped and plugged in
The new Mighty wants to bring Spotify to those with an active lifestyle.
Photo: Mighty Audio

Today, the iPod shuffle you’ve been hoping for is getting a shot at life — no thanks to Apple. Mighty Audio is launching its Kickstarter campaign for the new Mighty streaming music player, a small clip-on device that can stream Spotify wherever you go without having to use your smartphone. A portable, affordable music player with streaming capabilities? Yes please.

AirCassette for iPhone Makes Tape Players Look Good



I didn’t own many cassette tapes when I was a kid — CDs had already taken over — but I did have a small collection. There wasn’t much about the cassette that I liked actually; the sound quality wasn’t great, waiting for them to rewind was a pain, and they’re no good for Frisbee-ing at your friends like the compact disc. AirCassette for iPhone, however, is one cassette tape that’s just plain awesome.

An Ode to the Click Wheel as the iPod Evolves [iPod 10th Anniversary]



 A decade ago Apple introduced the iPod, and with it a new method for controlling music playback: a scroll wheel with buttons around the perimeter. The interface was novel for a portable music player, which usually used more traditional buttons in a linear or grid layout.

The scroll wheel was the brainchild of Phil Schiller, Apple’s Director of Marketing. He realized that users would have to navigate large lists of songs, and that a wheel offered an intuitive, dynamic solution.