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Apple TV+ gives Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Mr. Corman the ax


Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Mr. Corman
Mr. Corman may have been too dark for audiences.
Photo: Apple TV+

The final episode of the first season of Mr. Corman premiered on Apple TV+ this week, and it turns out that’s all there’ll ever be. Cupertino reportedly canceled the show, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

That’s a rare move by Apple’s streaming service. This is only the second show it’s nixed.

You can stream Mr. Corman now. Don’t. [Apple TV+ review]


Mr. Corman review on Apple TV+: Debra Winger deserves better than what Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers.
Debra Winger deserves better than what Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers.
Photo: Apple TV+

With new Apple TV+ series Mr. Corman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt returns to our screens after a brief hiatus and well … I can’t say I was ready to have him back. A few more years in the deep freeze might have taught him no one’s interested in the foibles of a white man trying to navigate sexual politics in 2021.

Here’s when Foundation and other big shows hit Apple TV+


Foundation is coming to Apple TV+ next year.
Foundation on Apple TV+ will be a mix of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.
Photo: Apple/Skydance Television

The wait for the Apple TV+ adaptation of Foundation is almost over. The same goes for The Problem With Jon Stewart. Apple’s streaming service announced the premiere dates for these shows and more, all coming this fall.

The free Apple TV+ trial offered when the service debuted runs out at the end of June, and the iPhone-maker is trying to build excitement for upcoming series by announcing their debut dates.

New Apple TV+ sizzle reel serves up hits and giggles


The Apple TV+ sizzle reel 2021 has a few surprises.
Apple has more than 20 fresh series and films premiering in coming months.
Screenshot: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is prepping at least 21 new shows, movies and additional seasons of current series for release throughout 2021, and possibly beyond. A new sizzle reel gives a glimpse of all of them in two exciting minutes.

Watch it now to get a glimpse of the dramas, comedies, sci-fi and action series Apple hopes will entice audiences in 2021.

And there may have been some surprise announcements.