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Beamer Is Better Than Mountain Lion At AirPlay Video… On Any Mac!


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Without a doubt, my favorite Mountain Lion feature is AirPlay Mirroring, which allows me to easily mirror whatever is happening on my Mac to my Apple TV. My girlfriend and I use it pretty much all the time to watch movies at night — I digitized our vast DVD collection long ago to save space. It’s truly indispensible to me.

Although I love AirPlay Mirroring, the feature still has two main issues. First of all, AirPlay Mirroring doesn’t work at all on Macs released before 2011, meaning that my 2009-era 27-inch iMac can’t easily stream anything off of its 3.25 TB (rolled-at-home) Fusion Drive. There are apps like AirParrot that get around that limitation, but I’ve always found them to be a little bit strange and laggy, doing weird things like letterboxing my iMac’s display on all sides.

Even if you have a Mac that is newer than 2011, though, there’s one major limitation of AirPlay Mirroring: if you’re streaming a movie to your Apple TV using AirPlay Mirroring, you can’t actually do anything else with your Mac while the movie is playing. If you switch away from the video player to check your email or your Twitter account, it’s all mirrored on the screen.

What I have always wanted is this: the ability to easily stream a movie to my Apple TV from any Mac in my house, while allowing me to still use my Mac without disrupting the viewing experience.

Today, I discovered a gem of an app that lets me do all of this. It’s called Beamer and it frickin’ rocks.

Apple Seeds Another OS X 10.8.3 Beta Build To Developers



Apple is taking its sweet time with OS X 10.8.3. We’ve already had more beta builds than we care to remember, but Apple’s still trying to get the software right.

Apple seeded another OS X 10.8.3 beta(12D78)  to developers today, making it the 14th beta build of OS X 10.8.3. The first beta seed of 10.8.3 was released way back in November. There’s still no official word on when OS X 10.8.3 will be released to the public, but at this rate, we’re more likely to see OS X 10.9 Lion-O before it comes out.


Source: Apple

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Empower Yourself With The Ultimate OS X Mountain Lion Server Course [Deals]


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Apple Job Listing Hints At Future Siri Integration For Mac



Apple has been improving Siri since the intelligent assistant first made its debut on the iPhone 4S back in October 2011, and has also been working to expand its availability; it’s now available on all the latest iOS devices, and some older ones, too. It seems inevitable that Siri will one day be introduced to the Mac as well, and that day could be getting closer as Apple searches for new engineers who will be tasked with bringing it to the desktop.

OS X Server Updated For Faster Mac App Store Downloads & More



If you run a Mac server, check your Mac App Store updates: OS X Server 2.2.1 has arrived, bringing a panoply of new features and bug fixes.

Headlining is a new feature called Caching Server, which Apple claims will speed up Mac App Store downloads. Although the exact mechanism isn’t stated, it’s easy to imagine that what will happen is if one Mac connected to the server downloads an update, it’ll be cached locally for other Macs to download instantly.

There’s also a monitoring service for Time Machine, telling admins which Macs have backed themselves up and when. Wiki Server support for Retina MacBook Pros and a new Centralized Certificate Management interface are also new.

You can download OS X Server for any Mac running Mountain Lion at the link below.

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This Old G4 iMac Can Now Run Mountain Lion Thanks To Its New Ivy Bridge Processor [Video]




Jonathan Berg, aka “Dremel Junkie,” shares our love for the iMac G4. Rather than letting his old G4 waste away in some landfill, he decided to resurrect it by putting an Intel Ivy Bridge processor inside and using some hackery to get it running OS X Mountain Lion.

Even though there’s not much space inside the G4’s base, Jonathan was able to squeeze in a DVD burner, a Core i3 processor, and some other new internal upgrades without compromising the original design. If you’re not afraid of a soldering iron and a Dremel Moto tool, Jonathan made a video explaining how to create your own Ivy Bridge iMac G4 that you can watch below.

Keep Your OS X Mountain Lion Mac From Sleeping When You Need To [OS X Tips]



There are bound to be times when you would like your OS X Mountain Lion Mac to not go to sleep. You can set you Mac to Never sleep in the System Preferences, Energy Saver preferences pane, but that’s not always going to work. Even when it’s set to Never, your Mac may still, in fact, go to sleep. The other problem with the Energy Saver preference is that you only have the ability to set the sleep action to hold of foor three hours, or never. What if you wanted to keep it from sleeping for four hours? Or four and a half hours? Or eight hours?

With a neat little Mountain Lion-only Terminal command, you can set it to whatever you like. Here’s the scoop.

Android And Mac Malware Surged In 2012 As Hackers Looked Beyond Windows [Report]


Look out for more Android malware in 2013.

One of the biggest reasons I switched from Windows to a Mac all those years ago was OS X’s supposed immunity to malware and viruses. I’ve quickly discovered throughout 2012, however, that my Mac isn’t as safe on the Internet as I’d been led to believe. A new report from antivirus experts Sophos today highlights that.

The company’s Security Threat Report 2013 declares 2012 to be the year of “new platforms and changing threats.” Hackers are switching their focus from Windows to other platforms, including Mac OS X. Today’s biggest target, however, is Google’s Android platform.

Pocket’s Native Mac App Gets Twitter & Facebook Support, New Keyboard Shortcuts, More


Pocket now supports multiple Twitter accounts — if you're running Mountain Lion.
Pocket now supports multiple Twitter accounts — if you're running Mountain Lion.

Pocket brought us a terrific Mac app back in October, and just over a month on, it’s already back with a new update. This one introduces a nice stack of new features, including native Twitter and Facebook support for those running OS X Mountain Lion, new keyboard shortcuts, better Evernote sharing, and more.