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New Mothership Renderings Showcase Interior Of Apple Campus 2 [Gallery]



Apple’s glass and steel mothership isn’t scheduled to land in Cupertino until 2016, but we’ve already seen plenty of renders of what Apple Campus 2 will look like from the outside. We covered all the fine details of Apple Campus 2 in the last issue of Cult of Mac Magazine, but some new renders have been released giving us our first glimpses inside the mothership.

After digging through the latest Apple Campus 2 filings, Kyle Vanhemert at Wired found some unseen renderings that show what it will be like to work at Apple Campus 2, including new details on the underground theater, Transit Center, parking garage, visitors center, pavilion and much more.

Take a look:

Apple Publishes Report On Spaceship Campus’ Future Economic Impact In Cupertino



Apple just published a report prepared by Keyser Marston Associates that evaluates the “Economic and Fiscal Impacts Generated by Apple in Cupertino –  Current Facilities and Apple Campus 2.”

The report was prepared for the City of Cupertino under the contract of Apple, to evaluate the concerns the city has about Apple’s future Spaceship-like campus. The report states its principal objectives as the following:

  • The on-going economic impact and benefits of Apple to the City of Cupertino;
  • The ongoing economic impacts and benefits to the City of Santa Clara, City of Sunnyvale, and the broader region of Santa Clara County;
  • Apple’s recurring annual fiscal impacts on the City of Cupertino;
  •  The construction-related impacts of Apple Campus 2 on Santa Clara County; and
  •  The construction-related tax and fee revenues to be received by the City of Cupertino and other local public agencies from the construction of Apple Campus 2.”

The full 82-page report can be read after the break –

Cupertino Says Yes To Apple Spaceship HQ: ‘The Mothership Has Landed’


Screen Shot 2011-06-09 at 11.24.36 AM

Let’s say Steve Jobs came to your little town and said he wanted to build an awesome frickin’ spaceship HQ there that would not only prettify the town and serve as a tourism draw, but also could provide an intergalactic life boat for the local populace in case worlds collide… what would you say?

“Hell [expletive] yes!” would be most people’s answer, and that’s just what Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong said in a press conference yesterday: there’s just no way we’re going to pass this opportunity up.