Stop Yelling – Turn Off The Caps Lock Key On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Turn Off Caps Lock

Maybe it’s just me, but I always picture someone yelling at me when I get messages and emails in all capital letters. It might just be a mistake on their end, I suppose, since it’s fairly easy to accidentally hit the Caps Lock when you’re aiming for the Shift key on today’s smaller laptop keyboards.

No worries, though, since it’s pretty easy to actually turn the Caps Lock key off on your Mac. Here’s how.

Resize OS X Lion Windows More Intelligently [OS X Tips]



Whereas even as recently as Snow Leopard the only option we had for dragging and resizing our windows in Mac OS X was in the lower right hand corner, Mac OS X Lion brought us the ability to drag any side or corner to change window size and relative shape. Today’s tip will take this one step further with a few keys we can hold down to resize our windows more intelligently.