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Modified iMac is a chinless wonder


Modified iMac is a chinless wonder
Does the iMac look better sans chin?
Screenshot: Io Technology/Bilibili

The 24-inch iMac is a beautiful bit of kit, but it comes with a hefty “chin.” A custom modified version shows what the all-in-one desktop would have looked like if Apple had made some other design decisions.

Take a look and judge for yourself if this is an improvement.

Another modded USB-C iPhone is going on sale, and this one’s waterproof


This one's reinforced and waterproof, its maker said.
This one's reinforced and waterproof, its maker said.
Photo: Gernot Jöbstl

First a robotics engineering student made a splash late last year by modding an iPhone X with a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port — and sold the device for big money. Now someone else is touting a similar modification, but this time the handset boasts a reinforced port that includes waterproofing. And yes, the tinkerer’s going to sell it soon — probably for more money than most people make in a year.

Modder converts 2008 MacBook Pro into Android gaming laptop


MacBook Pro DeX
This MacBook Pro is now a Samsung DeX laptop.
Photo: Kris Henriksen

The 2008 MacBook Pro isn’t much of a gaming machine nowadays, but apparently, if you just slap some new innards into it, it makes a pretty decent Android setup.

A modder named Kris Henriksen decided to take his old MacBook Pro and convert it into the most beautiful laptop to ever run Samsung’s DeX software which allows Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 owners to plug their device into a monitor to run Android-based apps in a desktop environment.

Check the abominable creation in action:

This is the ‘iPhone 6 SE’ Apple should have made


The 'iPhone 6 SE' has a 4-inch screen with an iPhone 6 body.
The 'iPhone 6 SE' has a 4-inch screen with an iPhone 6 body.
Photo: Computer Bild

The design of the iPhone SE is a bit stale for some Apple fans, but if you’re dying for a 4-inch iPhone that comes with the sleek curves of the iPhone 6 and 6s some determined modders from Germany have found the perfect solution.

Unhappy with the iPhone SE body, Computer Bild managed to take extract its guts and shove them into one of those fake 4-inch iPhone 6 housings from China we spotted last month. After more than two hours of careful modding, the end result is the iPhone SE Apple should have built. Better yet, it actually works.

You can watch the madness unfold below, but this is one mod you might not want to try at home.

The Five Greatest Apple Hardware Mods Of All Time



Apple makes some really great software and hardware. We love it. But sometimes there are certain little things you want out of your computer that Apple can’t or won’t provide. That’s why we have jailbreaking and modding.

We love it when someone takes an Apple product and morphs it into something completely different. There have been a lot of Apple hardware mods that have crossed our desks over the last few years. Some have been simple, while others have required over a hundred hours of work. Here are the five greatest Apple hardware mods we’ve ever seen.

Modern Magic: This Submerged MacBook Pro Still Works [Gallery]



Maybe you’ve never heard of mineral oil but it’s an amazing liquid that let’s you perform all kind of magic. You can do neat crap with it, like take apart your perfectly good MacBook Pro, dump the components in a vat of mineral oil, and it’ll still work.

I don’t know why you would want to waste a perfectly good MacBook Pro, but one Reddit user decided a liquid cooled MacBook would be the bee’s knees, so he built it himself.

Here’s how he did it:

Watch Out! Infamous Hot Coffee Mod Could Come To GTA III For IOS!



To prolong the life of Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PC all those years ago, gamers began introducing all sorts of things — such as new cars, weapons, and skins — to the game by modifying numerous files within its directory. If you were a “modder” then, then we have good news for you: the recently released GTA 3 games for iOS and Android are also susceptible to modding.