Apple Starts Giving Away Snow Leopard To Get Remaining MobileMe Users Onto iCloud


Still using MobileMe? Time to make the jump to iCloud.
Still using MobileMe? Time to make the jump to iCloud.

Apple finally gave the notice that it would be killing off MobileMe once and for all on June 30th, 2012. The soon-to-be-defunct service has already been replaced with iCloud, but Mac users who are still not running an OS X version older than Snow Leopard can’t hop on the bandwagon. You must have Snow Leopard installed to then install OS X Lion from the Mac App Store and gain access to iCloud. And chances are that if you’re still using MobileMe, you aren’t running the latest version of OS X.

Will iWeb Live? The Answer Is A Mixed Bag [Ask MacRx]



As Apple pulls us all forward into the Next Great Thing, some widely-used Previously Cool Things get left behind. It’s happened with HyperCard, PageMill, and all PowerPC-only applications. Today one reader ponders the uncertain future of his favorite program, iWeb:

I bought my first Mac in ’85… Being an Old’nAging Geezer I saw that an encroaching Class of ’61’s 50-year Reunion deserved a website so I volunteered, commandeering iWeb for the very first time (successfully aided by FileZilla and my generous wonky Mac-pal Greg) to ultimately be rewarded by several of my classmates and a few fanboys’ sporadic kudos–AND proving once again that old, time-proven saw of Macintosh’s unassailable user friendly superiority.

All that to bring me to this QUESTION: Will iWeb live?


How Can I Remove the MobileMe System Preference Pane? [Ask MacRx]



So iCloud is finally here, and MobileMe is going away. This is generally a good thing, but vestiges of the old remain with the new. One reader is wondering how he can make a clean break:

I’ve successfully upgraded to Lion, to iOS 5 on my iPhone 4, and migrated from MobileMe to iCloud. BUT, I still see the MobileMe icon in my system preferences, how do I remove it?


Vote Now to Save Your Favorite MobileMe Feature With the iCloud Petition



If you’re unhappy that Apple is quashing your favorite MobileMe feature in the move over to iCloud, now is the time to do something about it. The Cupertino company has already stated that it will consider bringing features back to iCloud if enough people ask for them, and to help things along, Command Guru has started an iCloud Petition that allows you to vote to save your favorite MobileMe feature.

Ask MacRx: Mail Message Previews, MobileMe Sync Problems, and iPhoto Duplicates



In today’s high tech world, sometimes we can all use a bit of assistance. This week we’re launching a new troubleshooting column for Cult of Mac readers, Ask MacRx, to address your questions and issues about Macs and iDevices.

In today’s edition we’ll tackle restoring the Mail Message Preview Pane, more options for overcoming MobileMe sync problems, and questions about duplicates in iPhoto.

Apple: Did We Drop Your Favorite MobileMe Feature From iCloud? Just Ask For It Back


Screen Shot 2011-08-02 at 09.12.10

Are you still annoyed that your favorite MobileMe feature won’t be transferring over to iCloud? What will you do with all those files you have stored on your iDisk? How will you sync System Preferences between your Macs? Well, if you ask Apple nicely (and you get all your friends and family to ask, too), you might just get those features back.