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Google is as sick of app-install prompts as you are



More and more these days, mobile websites will pop up a prompt to download an app associated with the site. This “app install interstitial” hides most of the actual web page and bugs users to essentially stop browsing the web and head to an app store and install an app. App install prompts suck.

“Our analysis shows that it is not a good search experience,” Google asserts in a new blog post, “and can be frustrating for users because they are expecting to see the content of the web page.”

As of Tuesday, web masters can use Google’s updated Mobile-Friendly Test page or Google’s mobile usability tools to find out if they have any offending pages.

Learn How To Market Your Mobile App Like A Pro [Freebie]


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Building an extremely useful and cool app is a start but just because it’s built doesn’t mean the customers will come. In fact, building the app is just the beginning. Now you need to spread the word, and that requires a whole other set of skills – skills you may not have.

We’re here today to help you acquire some of those skills with this free informative video course.

After Just 18 Days, iPhone 5 Already Accounts For More Web Traffic Than Galaxy S III


That was fast.
That was fast.

It’s been just three weeks since the iPhone 5 started shipping, and Apple’s latest smartphones already accounts for more web traffic than the Samsung Galaxy S III, according to a new report.

It’s thought the handset’s “record-breaking sales numbers” — which have made it the fastest-selling iPhone to date — plus its “new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage” are just a couple reasons why the iPhone 5 is so big when it comes to web browsing.

10 Mistakes That Can Sink An App, A Mobile Site, And A Company’s Reputation


10 Mistakes can sink an app, mobile site, and a company's reputation
10 mobile mistakes can ruin a company or developer's reputation

Apple’s meticulous focus on design and usability is one of the hallmarks of its products. That attention to detail is evident in almost every Apple product, but iOS devices epitomize Apple minimalist approach and its goal of removing any barrier between the user and a great user experience. Unfortunately, not all iOS developers or mobile web developers get to that same level of minimal and effortless design.

There are probably hundreds of small ways that developers can miss the mark when designing iOS apps or creating content designed for mobile devices, but Gartner research director Johan Jacobs notes that most mobile app/experience design failures boil down to ten common mistakes.

Google Adds Recent Places Icon To Mobile Web Search



Android and iOS users will now be able to quickly access the places they have searched for on Google thanks to Google’s new “Recent” icon on their mobile search page. Any user who has Web History enabled and is logged into Google when searching for a place will have that search saved and accessible via the “Recent” icon. Searches will be saved for approximately 24-hours and will give users the convenience of starting searches from their desktop and later pulling up that information while mobile.