Maximize your laptop view with double or triple screens


See the whole picture with a dual screen laptop.
This extended Black Friday deal on secondary screens for your laptop is the best you'll find on the web.
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Just because you have a laptop doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a multiple-screen setup. Mobile Pixels Trio Max gives you one or two laptop screen extensions in a variety of sizes. And during this Black Friday weekend, you can get any of Mobile Pixels’ screen extensions on sale with coupon code BFSAVE20.

Extend your laptop screen, browse safely and learn something new with this stacked bundle


Give your mac some luxury with this bundle.
This bundle will change how you use your Mac forever.
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You can expand your laptop’s screen, protect your data and learn something new with this awesome bundle. Get the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite + Lifetime Subscription of VPN Unlimited and StackSkills on sale for $337.01 and see how much more you can do with your Mac.

Get 25% off a triple-screen laptop display and a lifetime of award-winning VPN protection 


Turn your laptop into a triple screen display from anywhere, and get lifetime access to this award-winning VPN.
This portable gadget will turn your laptop into a triple-screen display. And you can grab it with a lifetime VPN for 25% off.
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Whether you’ve made the shift to working from home or you simply want to maximize your desk setup, being able to turn your laptop into a triple-screen display — and having best-in-class VPN protection — is the ultimate way to do it.

You can get your hands on both of those today with the VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription + Mobile Pixels Trio Bundle. It’s on sale with 25% off today for just $519 (regular price $699).

These dual-screen attachments extend your MacBook display while on the go


Create a portable second screen for your laptop with this innovative gadget
This smart portable display adds a second screen to your Mac.
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All dual-monitor users know that once you try it, you can never go back. But, that’s difficult when you’re traveling or working from home with your laptop.

Now, the innovative Mobile Pixels Duex display makes it possible to enjoy two screens while on the go or with limited desk space, and two models are on sale now for $229.

Create your dream work-from-home setup with this monitor


This beautifully portable dual-screen laptop accessory can help increase your productivity by up to 50%
This beautifully portable dual-screen laptop accessory can increase your productivity by up to 50%.
Photo: Mobile Pixels

These days, you’re probably spending a lot of time in front of your computer, whether it’s for work, a passion project, binge-watching Netflix, or video-calling family and friends. Why limit yourself to a tiny laptop screen when you could expand your view (literally) with a second monitor? This Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor gives you all the convenience of a second screen, without the usual high price tag and lack of portability — so you can game, multitask, or just browse the web to your heart’s content.

Instantly triple your MacBook’s screen real estate with this add-on


Mobile Pixels Trio
Perfect for presentations, mult-screen workflows, gaming and more, this USB add-on instantly expands your laptop's screen space.
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Few things improve productivity like having more screen space to play with. Plenty of us rely on two screens to keep our workflows straight. And if you’re a gamer, you might want even more screen so your experience is truly immersive. With this lightweight add-on, you can get all of the above straight from your laptop.

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Whatever happened this February, you can’t deny it was a great month for deals on tech. At least in the Cult of Mac Store, where there were crazy deals on massive cloud storage accounts, sleek wireless earbuds, extra laptop monitors and an intuitive website builder.

Instantly double your laptop’s screen real estate [Deals]


Duex Pro
Double your laptop screen size with a lightweight, attachable 1080p monitor.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Designers, illustrators, recording engineers, stock brokers…. Plenty of us use two screens so we can maximize productivity at the computer. That can make laptops feel like a downgrade, but with this simple upgrade, you can carry your dual-screen arrangement with you.