Galaxy A7 one-ups Apple with three-camera smartphone


Galaxy A7
Samsung's latest has three cameras.
Photo: Samsung

While the camera upgrades have some Apple fans considering paying the price of a MacBook for an iPhone, Samsung announced a three-camera smartphone today that will retail for about $400.

While Apple is reportedly on track for a three-camera iPhone sometime next year, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 joins Huawei’s P20 Pro as the only handsets to feature a third rear-facing lens.

Travel photog ‘thrilled’ with iPhone XS camera


iPhone XS review
Austin Mann in Zanzibar with the iPhone XS.
Screenshot: Austin Mann/Vimeo

Travel photographer Austin Mann, among the first to get an iPhone XS for testing, expected to be underwhelmed before his shoot in Zanzibar off the east coast of Africa.

However, the upgrades to the camera left him impressed, saying “I’ve never worked with a camera that can balance light like this – not even close.”

Phoneslinger is a fancy fanny pack for iPhone photogs


Mobile photography from the hip.
Photo: Cozyspeed

The serious iPhone photographer has forsaken their DSLR and the weight of a bag full of gear. But they’re running out of pockets.

That’s because mobile photographers, much like a DSLR shooter, are starting to carry some of the same accessories: lens attachments, filters, a battery, jump drive, and a tripod.

Carrying a bag feels like a cumbersome step backward. A Phoneslinger could keep you quick on the draw.

Smartphones covered in camera lenses will change everything


multi-camera smartphones
Take a picture or nine with this smartphone prototype from Light.
Photo: Light via Photo Rumors

Mobile phone photography has been through a mostly meaningless megapixel war. Now on to the next battle – the smartphone with the most cameras.

Apple, true to its playbook, will watch while other companies fire opening salvos with smartphones packing three or more lenses.

Now you can use olloclip lenses with all your devices


One mobile photography lens amount for many devices
Photo: olloclip

Rarely is a mobile phone lens attachment one-size-fits-all. But olloclip’s new Multi-Device Clip may come the closest.

Announced by the California-based company this morning, the new clip brings flush alignment of the camera and ollociip lens, even on handsets with screen protectors and thin protective cases.

Future iPhones may pack moving camera sensors for external lenses


iPhone patent
Future iPhone cameras could better support third-party lenses.
Photo: Moment

A lens attachment can extend the view of your native iPhone camera. It can also botch an otherwise nice image if not attached properly.

Apple is suggesting hardware and software changes to the iPhone and iPad camera systems that can reduce operator error and aid an extra lens in delivering that promised DSLR quality.

These eye-catching iPhone photos win top contest honors


IPPA 2018
Rohingya children watching an awareness film about health and sanitation near Tangkhali refugee camp in Ukhiya. Shot with iPhone 7.
Photo: Jashim Salam

Behold the possibilities of what could happen when you take your iPhone out of your pocket to make a picture.

Below is the ultimate camera roll, the first place award-winning pictures from the 11th iPhone Photography Awards, announced today in New York City.

Cinematic photo app uses AI to fix your snaps


Relonch camera app
Relonch Alfred plans to add cinematic style to its AI-fueled photo app.
Photo: Relonch

In 2016, a startup called Relonch started a camera club and next-day image editing service that was largely panned online by photographers.

Who would pay $99 per month to use a camera they will never own plus $1 per professionally retouched photo? The iPhone and other capable smartphone cameras now dominate photography, helping novices and pros make great pictures instantly styled with the touch of an app.

olloclip iPhone X lenses give photogs six new perspectives


iPhone X lenses
Clip and shoot with olloclip lenses for iPhone X.
Photo: olloclip

Mobile photographers using the iPhone X can now shoot wider and closer, thanks to a new olloclip lens system.

Launched Tuesday, the newly designed edge mount aligns with both front and rear cameras on Apple’s flagship handset. It enables iPhone X photographers to quickly swap out any of the six olloclip lenses.