Learn How to Mobilize Your WordPress Website [Deals]


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If you are one of the owners or developers of one of the 60 million websites powered by WordPress and want to know how to integrate it with mobile, one of the most powerful marketing tools of our lifetime, then you are in the right place.

With this actionable video course you’ll learn how to use a WordPress mobile plugin, use a responsive WordPress theme, and a mobile theme to mobilize your site. And you’ll get to it while savings 60% in the process. That’s because this Cult of Mac Deals offer is only $39 for a limited time!

Learn How To Market Your Mobile App Like A Pro [Freebie]


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Building an extremely useful and cool app is a start but just because it’s built doesn’t mean the customers will come. In fact, building the app is just the beginning. Now you need to spread the word, and that requires a whole other set of skills – skills you may not have.

We’re here today to help you acquire some of those skills with this free informative video course.

What Does It Take For Mobile Marketing To Succeed On The iPhone and iPad?


The iPhone and iPad present unique marketing opportunities and challenges.
The iPhone and iPad present unique marketing opportunities and challenges.

Over the past several months, we’ve seen studies on the reactions that iPad and iPhone users have to mobile marketing initiatives. Often these studies suggest that the iPad is a golden opportunity for marketing professionals. We’ve also seen the ways that companies are shooting themselves in the foot by not taking advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile devices, particularly when it comes to the iPad and other tablets.

So what does it take to develop a successful mobile marketing campaign? It takes a real understanding of the advantages and disadvantages that mobile devices offer, understanding their place in a consumer’s daily life, and recognition that mobile marketing needs to treated as part of a brand strategy.

Master The Art of Mobile Marketing [Deals]



You’ve made the next great app. Kudos! Now comes the real challenge—marketing it. Sure there are stories of apps found by Apple and become overnight successes, but really it takes work to market your app. And by the way, we know that marketing probably isn’t your strong suit, and, by the way, that’s okay.

Well, it’s okay if you understand that you need to learn more about marketing and then do something about it. We have another Udemy course for you today that can help close the gap for you: Master The Art Of Mobile Marketing.

Universal Does Mobile Ads Right With iPhone Campaign For New Oliver Stone Thriller


Universal shows how to do a mobile ad campaign the right way
Universal shows how to do a mobile ad campaign the right way.

Over the past few months we’ve learned a lot about the mobile ad market from a variety of studies. We know that iOS users are more likely to respond to ads than Android users, and that there’s often a big return on ads designed specifically for the iPad and other tablets. We’ve also learned that many ad agencies haven’t yet realized the value in either of those data points.

One company that sees the value of mobile ads is Universal Pictures. Universal has created an interactive mobile campaign for its upcoming “Savages” – an Oliver Stone thriller that opens a week from Friday (July 6) – that ticks all the right boxes for mobile ad success.