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Learn How To Test Your Mobile App Before You Launch [Deals]


CoM - Mobile App Testing Course

There’s nothing worse then prepping your app for launch and then finding out you missed one crucial step to ensure it looked solid across all platforms. Keep in mind that just because you’ve “built” a mobile app, that doesn’t mean it is going to be ready for market. Without testing, your app’s not going to cut it. Not in the least.

This is why we’ve got a video course put together by Robert V. Binder that will teach you ways to test out your software to make sure it’s ready for your audience. The great part? This video course is applicable for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and mobile apps using HTML5. So you’re covered on all fronts. And no background in programming or software testing is required.

The even greater part? It’s available from Cult of Mac Deals for only $49 — a savings of $80 off the regular price!

iPhones & iPads: A Big Challenge To IT, But Vital To Business



Mobile devices are now so common in the workplace that we’ve reached a tipping point where providing mobile options for many desktop apps has become a requirement for businesses. That’s the findings of a new survey from Symantec on mobile device use in business.

The survey, initially reported by InfoWorld, identified that not only are the numbers of mobile devices increasing, but also that the tasks they perform are increasing. A dramatic number of companies are now seeing core business tasks being completed on mobile devices. That’s driving the need for companies to develop comprehensive mobile apps for access to corporate information systems.