MLB tried to ban coach from wearing the Apple Watch it gave him


MLB Coach Ned Yost at a game in 2012 against the Orioles.
Kansas City Royal's manager Ned Yost during a game at the Orioles.
Photo: Keith Allison/Flickr

Kansas City Royals coach, Ned Yost was been slapped on the wrist by the MLB for wearing his Apple Watch during games, even though they’re the ones that gave it to him.

Yost received the watch as a gift from the MLB for serving as the American League manager in the All-Star Game, but after the manager was repeatedly seen wearing the device in the dugout, the MLB decided to step in and try to stop him from using it in games.

Fore! Apple Pay is teeing off on the PGA Tour this week


Apple Pay is going everywhere in 2015. Photo: Apple
Apple Pay is coming to the golf course. Photo: Apple

Apple Pay has already invaded MLB stadiums and NBA games, but next up on the list of major sports to accept Apple’s contactless payments system will be golfers.

The city of Phoenix is gearing up to host the Super Bowl this week, but the PGA is hoping to steal a little thunder with the revelation this morning that Apple Pay will make its first ever debut on the golf course at the 2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open this week.

MLB Shows How iBeacons Will Change The Ballgame Experience






While the new colors, flatness, and gradients of iOS 7 have received most of the attention from consumers, businesses are excited about the potential of the new iBeacons feature, and how it will change the way consumers interact with businesses.

The MLB put the technology on full display yesterday at Citi Field – the place where the Mets play- for a full demonstration of a prototype iBeacon technology. Working closely with Apple since February, the MLB’s developers have re-engineering a beta version of At The Ballpark at that can push coupons, ticket information, promotional offers, stadium information and much more based on where an individual is located at the ballpark.

MLB Passbook Coming To 13 New Stadiums This Season


This is the shape of things to come in baseball.
This is the shape of things to come in baseball.

Major League Baseball announced that it will be tripling the number of stadiums that will start accepting tickets from Apple’s Passbook app, with thirteen new stadiums coming online to enable paperless, Passbook ticketing, an increase from four stadiums that could do so last season.

Teams that will begin to accept tickets through the Passbook app include the Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland A’s, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs, with the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals continuing to accept paperless tickets this way. MLB mentioned that there are three more teams ready to go Passbook, but did not specify which ones.

MLB At Bat Got A Huge Update Just In Time For Spring Training



The only time I ever really care about Major League Baseball is during the Spring. And that’s only because I live in Arizona, where half of the league’s teams come for Spring training, and I can go watch tons of all-stars play games for cheap.

Whether you love baseball or not, you can certainly appreciate the amount of work that goes into the MLB At Bat app. It’s got tons of information, video, and photos, and it got a big update just in time for Spring training.

MLB Players And Coaches Are Just As Excited For The iPad 3 As You Are


Rob Coughlin of the Cincinnati Reds believes the new iPad's Retina display will allow the team to improve their game.
Rob Coughlin of the Cincinnati Reds believes the new iPad's Retina display will help the team improve their game.

With your new iPad pre-order ready to be loaded onto tomorrow’s truck for delivery, you’re probably pretty excited right about now. But maybe not as excited as some MLB players, coaches, and scouts. Apple’s device allows them to identify tactics and improve their game, and scout for new talent. It’s also great for keeping in touch with their families while they’re away from home, and they’re expecting the third-generation device to be the best iPad yet.


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