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1 in 5 iOS devices are already using iOS 13


iOS 13 adoption
iOS 13 is off to a cracking start!
Photo: Mixpanel

One in five compatible devices are already running iOS 13, data from analytics company Mixpanel suggests.

According to the company’s data, as of this morning 20.27% of users are running iOS 13. Meanwhile, 74.66% are using iOS 12, and the remaining 5.08% are running some earlier version of iOS. That still leaves a long way to go — but it’s a fantastic start.

75 percent of users have upgraded to iOS 12


iOS 12
iOS 12 is outpacing iOS 11 in terms of adoption.
Photo: Apple

Three-quarters of iOS users have upgraded to iOS 12, data released by analytics firm Mixpanel suggests. According to the firm’s records, around 75 percent of users have upgraded to iOS 12, around 20 percent are still on iOS 11, and the remainder are using a previous version.

It’s an impressive reminder of just how rapidly Apple users upgrade to the latest operating system.

Almost half of all iPhone and iPad users are already running iOS 12


The official iOS 12 release date is next week, but you can download it now.
Are you enjoying iOS 12 yet?
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Almost half of all iPhone and iPad users have already upgraded to iOS 12, according to new data.

It’s an impressive adoption rate for a major upgrade that’s only been officially available for just over two weeks. Its speedy uptake can likely be attributed to its new features and significant performance improvements — especially for older devices.

iOS 11 already has more users than iOS 10


ipad ios 11
iOS 12 could pack a ton of big surprises.
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iOS 11 has already overtaken iOS 10, less than a month after making its public debut.

Last year’s release is still installed on over 45 percent of devices, but its reach has been falling rapidly since September 19. Users are clearly keen to get their hands on Apple’s latest software features and improvements.

Rocky launch puts a damper on iOS 9 adoption rate


iOS 9 adoption isn't as fast as iOS 7's was.
Photo: Apple

The public release of iOS 9 got off to a rocky start yesterday but it appears that Apple’s problematic servers didn’t stop the big software update from gaining faster adoption in the first 18 hours than iOS 8.

Even though iPhone and iPad users are downloading iOS 9 at a slightly faster rate than they installed iOS 8, the number crunchers at TapyJoy found that iOS 9 is still lagging way behind iOS 7’s adoption rate.

Check out the race in the comparison chart below:

iOS 8 early adoption is significantly slower than iOS 7 and even iOS 6



iOS 8 was released just 24 hours ago in what Apple is calling the biggest iOS release ever, but if early adoption numbers are any indication, customers might not feel the same way.

Users are upgrading to iOS 8 at a much slower rate than iOS 7, according to Tapjoy’s data from its app network of 200 million unique iOS users. Not only is iOS 8 lagging behind iOS 7, it’s being adopted even slower than iOS 6 was.