Apple Abandons Liquid Contact Indicators in iPad 2



Apple has been using Liquid Contact Indicators(LCI) in practically all of their devices for as long as I can remember, but it looks like with the iPad 2 they’ve stopped using them.

This makes sense because these sensors have not been all that reliable and subject to a lot of false positives from something as mundane as sweat. In 2009 this was a big news topic that I covered for CNET and I spoke to local Channel 2 news in Houston, Texas about complaints they had received from iPhone users. Even CNN had something to say about it.

It was so easy to trip these sensors that there was even a lawsuit over it.

Calendars Not Available For Now in iPhoto ’11



It was brought to my attention that the ability to make calendars in iPhoto ’11 has gone missing. I missed it too since that isn’t a feature that I’ve spent a lot of time with. I’m still buying my calendars at  online or at a local store.

Apple is aware of this and in summary had this to say about it: “Ordering calendars with iPhoto ’11 is not currently available. ”

They then took it upon themselves to answer your questions in advance about this issue, which you can read by clicking the link below.

Apple has given themselves a deadline of “as soon as possible” so I’m unable to tell you to mark your calendars about when calendar creation will reappear in iPhoto ’11. So keep your eyes on Software Update.