Leica X2, The $2,000 Fixed-Lens Compact



The X2 appears adequate

Is today’s new $8,000 M Monochrome a little too rich for you? Then why not have a taste of Leica’s other new camera, the cheap-o ($2,000) X2?

The X2 is a fixed-lens camera with a 16.2MP APS-C-sized sensor — the same size found in most DSLRs. The lens is a 28mm, which works out to 36mm in old money, and the ISO goes up to 12,500.

Lensbaby Composer Pro Brings Blur To Mirrorless Cameras


The Composer Pro is now ready for pretty much every mirrorless system
The Composer Pro is now ready for pretty much every mirrorless system

A year after the launch of the Lensbaby Pro for DSLR cameras, the light-bending lens comes to mirrorless cameras. The upmarket version of the regular Composer can now be had in models that fit Sony NEX, Samsung NX and Micro Four Thirds cameras, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

The Most Talked-About Gadget at CES Was Probably This Ultra-Cool Fuji Camera [CES 2012]



My colleagues here at Cult of Mac, PR reps completely unrelated to Fuji or anything photographic, random showgoers whose snippets of conversation I intercepted — everyone seemed to be talking about it. Even the very air at CES seemed to be pulsating with the word “Fuji.” Of course, they were all talking about the enigmatic, neo-retro Fuji X-Pro1.

CES 2012 Preview: Exciting New Pro DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras, Same Boring Point-And-Shoots



I’m wearing a big shimmering wrap on my head with a jewel in the middle. There’s incense going, and I’m now ready to make these CES 2012 camera predictions: new pro DSLRs from Nikon and (possibly) Canon will reign supreme; it will be another good year for small mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, like the new Nikon 1; and in-point-and-shoots, I see more of the same blah.

I also see this year’s PMA show (Photo Marketing Association) being combined into CES, bringing with it imaging accessories galore — but that’s not a prediction — it’s on PMA’s website.