Weeks Before Facebook Acquired Instagram, Twitter Nearly Bagged It For $525 Million



Late last week, Instagram — now owned by Facebook — confirmed it had disabled Twitter integration, and the ability for users to see Instagram “cards” or previews in their timelines. While it’s not a massive issue for Twitter users, who will still gets links to Instagram photos, it marks the first major breakdown between the two social services since the Facebook acquisition.

But things could have been very different. Weeks before Facebook bought Instagram, Twitter was close to acquiring the photo sharing service for just $525 million.

Steve Jobs’s Widow Laurene Powell Will Attend Tonight’s State Of The Union Address



It is common for the President of the United States to honor American heroes by inviting them to the annual State of the Union address. No surprise, then, that President Obama is tipping his hat to the legacy of Apple founder Steve Jobs at tonight’s State of the Union address by inviting Jobs’s widow Laurene Powell Jobs to share First Lady Michelle Obama’s box at the event.

The event is believed to be Powell’s first public appearance since her husband’s death.