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macOS Mojave plays nicer with Outlook than ever


macOS Mojave beta 6 includes an improved Migration Assistant. Meanwhile beta 5 was released to the public.
Photo: Apple

The tool Apple built to help Windows users switch to a Mac underwent significant improvements in the latest beta of maxcOS Mojave. It can now transfer accounts and documents from Microsoft Outlook.

This is the major change in macOS Mojave beta 6, which was released to developers yesterday. 

Apple Seeds Another OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Build To Testers


Apple continues to test Facebook integration for Mountain Lion.
Apple continues to test Facebook integration for Mountain Lion.

Apple has seeded a new OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 build (12C35) to participants in its AppleSeed program, continuing its testing of Facebook integration. Though it states that there are no known issues with this update, the Cupertino company is also asking users to focus on Messages, Game Center, Safari, and Reminders.

Safely Move Keychain Files From Your Old Mac To A New One [OS X Tips]


Keychain Access

Copying files to a new Mac? Perhaps one of them newfangled MacBook Pros? While most of us use Migration Assistant to move our files from one Mac to a new one, it may not be an option in your particular case. I’ve definitely wanted to move just the bare minimum of files over to a new Mac before, and today’s tip should help with just that.

The Keychain is a place to store passwords and login information, and it’s fairly easy to move your Mac’s Keychain to a new one. Here’s how.

How Do I Migrate Accounts From Two Macs Without Duplicating Applications? [Ask MacRx]



Apple’s Migration Assistant is a handy utility for moving data between old and new Macs, but sometimes you can get duplicates of existing applications. Here’s one way to avoid the issue:

I’ve transferred over my user account from old to new mac. I’m just about to transfer a second user account from another mac to this same new mac. The new Mac has all the applications from the first transfer in the System level Applications folder.

The second user account that I’m about to transfer also has apps in the System Level Application folder. I was wondering what would happen, would they replace the existing apps on the new Mac when I transfer the second user account using Migration Assistant? – Phillip

Windows Migration Assistant Under Lion Promising, But Needs Work



One of Lion’s welcome new features is the Windows Migration Assistant. This capability is an add-on to the venerable Migration Assistant application which has moved data between Macs since Panther. There hasn’t been an option in the program to automate this task from Windows machines until now.

Alas, like early versions of Spotlight and Time Machine, how this technology works in practice is a bit buggy and not yet ready for prime time – at least in the current iteration.