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The C-Loop Is A Smarter Way To Connect Your Camera To Its Strap [Review]


c loop
The C-Loop and its magic swivel-arm.

Most all DSLRs come with built-in top-side brackets you can use to attach your camera strap. But what you might not know, is that it’s far more comfortable to attach your camera strap to the bottom of your DSLR, especially while you’re walking. And wearing your camera while it’s slung down near your hip also helps prevent your lens from bumping and grinding into the nearest person, place, or thing — something you’ll appreciate in a crowded room.

But how do you connect a strap to your DSLR’s bottom? An adapter that screws into your camera’s tripod mount will do the trick. And the C-Loop ($40), from Custom SLR, is exactly that. But the C-Loop also has an inconspicuous talent that all other tripod mount adapters lack.

Lumix ƒ2.8 12-35mm Is World’s First Fixed Aperture Mirrorless Zoom



Everyone who owns a Micro Four Thirds camera will buy this lens

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” was the ejaculative ‘sentence’ I uttered when I saw the press release for this new Micro Four Thirds lens. It comes from Panasonic, and runs from 12-35mm, or 24-70 in old money, and also packs in image stabilization.

That’s fine. But the reason I’m excited is that the maximum aperture is a constant ƒ2.8 along the whole zoom range — a first for mirrorless systems says Panasonic.

Lensbaby Composer Pro Brings Blur To Mirrorless Cameras


The Composer Pro is now ready for pretty much every mirrorless system
The Composer Pro is now ready for pretty much every mirrorless system

A year after the launch of the Lensbaby Pro for DSLR cameras, the light-bending lens comes to mirrorless cameras. The upmarket version of the regular Composer can now be had in models that fit Sony NEX, Samsung NX and Micro Four Thirds cameras, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Olympus Revives The Classic OM Design With The New OM-D EM-5



Olympus has revived its classic OM SLR film camera series this week, with the brand new Olympus OM-D EM-5, the first in a series of OM Digital Micro Four Thirds cameras, and the world’s first camera to offer 5-axis image stabilization.

Aimed at advanced photographers, the EM-5 boasts a built-in electronic viewfinder and a rugged dust- and splash-proof body. Olympus promises you’ll also get superior image quality and blazing fast speeds.

The Most Talked-About Gadget at CES Was Probably This Ultra-Cool Fuji Camera [CES 2012]



My colleagues here at Cult of Mac, PR reps completely unrelated to Fuji or anything photographic, random showgoers whose snippets of conversation I intercepted — everyone seemed to be talking about it. Even the very air at CES seemed to be pulsating with the word “Fuji.” Of course, they were all talking about the enigmatic, neo-retro Fuji X-Pro1.