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Apple is about to lose a key board member


Micky Drexler

J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler’s most famous accomplishment at Apple was helping Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson design Apple’s retail stores. Today it was revealed in Apple’s SEC filing that Drexler plans to retire from Apple’s eight-person board of directors on March 10. A replacement has not been named.

How The CEO Of Gap Helped Create The First Apple Store


MacBook Pro displays at Apple's Amsterdam retail store
Apple's Amsterdam retail store

Apple’s retail stores are among the most profitable in the world, and their success is largely due to the former head of Apple retail, Ron Johnson. Steve Jobs hired Johnson a decade ago to help get the company’s retail division off the ground, and Johnson turned Apple retail into a wildly successful division before leaving to become CEO of JC Penny last year.

Many have heard stories of Johnson and his responsibility in creating the Apple Stores we know and love today. There was, however, another person at Apple who made a profound impact in the early days of the Apple Store.