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Emergency SOS! Apple’s building a metaverse! [The CultCast]


The CultCast Apple podcast: When Apple finally rolls out its mixed-reality headset, will it be a winner?
When Apple finally rolls out its mixed-reality headset, will it be a winner or a head-spinner?
Graphic: Minh Pham/Unsplash License

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Maybe, just maybe, Apple can make a metaverse competitor that won’t leave us ready to heave. Stranger things have happened, but we’re not so sure the long-rumored Apple mixed-reality headset will be right for us.

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  • Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature looks pretty cool and potentially lifesaving. Be sure to try the demo before you find yourself stranded on a mountaintop.
  • We’re endlessly searching for a Black Friday deal on AirTags. (Editor’s note: Oh, wait, here’s one now: Grab an AirTag 4-pack for less than $80 before this deal disappears.)
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  • Erfon’s missing AirPods Max story takes a strange twist.
  • You won’t believe how much somebody paid for an ancient pair of Steve Jobs’ stinky Birkenstocks.

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Apple is building a rival to the metaverse


Apple VR/AR headset takes big step toward production
Apple's answer to the "metaverse" could look a lot different. (Let's hope so.)
Concept: Martin Hajek/Computer Bild

Apple job listings offer a peek into the development of the company’s long-rumored AR headset. Cupertino seemingly wants to create augmented reality and 3D content for its mixed-reality device, which could arrive in early 2023.

More importantly, one posting indicates Apple could be working on a metaverse competitor.

Zuckerberg says Apple and Meta are battling over the internet’s future


Apple versus Meta
The CEO of Meta says his company and Apple are in a "competition of philosophies and ideas."
Photo: Cult of Mac

Both Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook) are both building AR/VR headsets, but they’re going about it in dramatically different ways. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told Meta employees the two companies are in “a competition of philosophies and ideas.”

It’s possible the metaverse is the future of the internet. And Zuckerberg describes Meta as being a leader in creating an open metaverse with multiple companies working together, while he says Apple is creating its own closed version.

But Zuckerberg’s comments ignore another major philosophical difference between the twin companies. Apple believes in protecting user privacy, but Meta makes its money by collecting and selling information about users.

Apple accuses Meta of ‘hypocrisy’ for nearly 50% commission on metaverse sales


Apple accuses Meta of ‘hypocrisy’ for nearly 50% commission on metaverse sales
Selling anything in Meta’s VR metaverse will cost developers quite a bit.
Photo: Meta

Facebook’s parent company Meta will claim almost half of the money third-party developers earn from sales in Horizon Worlds, the VR platform for Quest headsets. An Apple executive says that “lays bare Meta’s hypocrisy,” considering it has criticized Apple in the past for its 30% App Store fee.

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Dive into the deep (and lucrative) end of Web 3.0 with these courses.
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