Apple will pay out $485 million for Texture


Goodbye Texture
'Texture is ending.'
Photo: Apple

Apple’s total purchase price for Texture will come in at just under half a billion dollars, according to a new report that reveals details of the acquisition.

Texture, an online magazine subscription service, was bought by Apple in 2018. It serves as the foundation for Apple News+. Apple revealed that the Texture app will shut down next month, but the four publishers who teamed up to launch the service are set to get some big paydays.

Apple-owned magazine subscription service simplifies its fees


Texture will stop working on Windows soon
Texture is dropping $5 off its Premium tier.
Photo: Apple

Texture, the digital magazine subscription service Apple acquired back in March, is simplifying its fee structure. Previously, Texture offered a $9.99 Unlimited Basic Plan and a $14.99 Unlimited Premium Plan, with the difference between the two being the addition of weekly magazines.

Now Texture has lowered the price for the Premium Plan to $9.99. In essence, this means that all customers should now have access to the widest possible range of publications for just ten bucks a month!