iOS 11.1.1 arrives to fix that annoying autocorrect bug


iOS 11 keyboard
You can finally type "i" again.
Photo: Apple

The annoying iPhone keyboard bug that turned the letter “i” into the letter “a” and a strange symbol is finally dead.

Apple released iOS 11.1.1 to the public this afternoon bringing a number of critical fixes to the iPhone and iPad, including the highly coveted ability to finally type the word “iPhone” like a normal person.

How to make your own hilarious memes with Aviary


We hope your memes are even funnier.
Photo-editing app Aviary is a meme-making machine.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Have you ever wanted to make your own memes? You know, the funny pictures with the bold text on the top and bottom that all the kids are going crazy for these days?

With Photo Editor by Aviary, you can do just that, plus add stickers, frames, and even do some pretty great photo editing right in the same app.

Here’s how to make your own hilarious memes with Aviary (though we don’t guarantee your memes will actually be funny — that’s up to you).

The Internet knows Trump memes it


Earning his Teflon Don nickname.
Earning his Teflon Don nickname.
Photo: Instagram

For better or worse and depending on your political leanings, Donald Trump is said to have won Thursday night’s debate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump also scored a bit of a victory on social media. Whether celebrated or reviled, he was talked about more than the other candidates. Compare the buzz to the professional wrestling term known as heat. Heat can mean cheers for the heroes, but also represent the boos for the heels. Heat in any form is the measure of popularity.

Is it the kind of heat you can warm to or is it just hot air? Either way, the commentary on Twitter and Instagram is entertaining and with a record 24 million viewers watching the debate, the Teflon Don will take all the heat he can get.

Hollywood badasses swap their weapons for selfie sticks


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban selfie stick
Harry Potter really loves magic, it seems.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

The Internet has gone crazy for selfie sticks ever since a couple of Twitter users posted modified images of Hollywood’s toughest characters with their guns swapped out for the hated tech accessories.

The Photoshop swap really has a way of removing all the menace from a person — especially if their new phone has a ladybug case on it. You can see some examples below (as well as some we put together because we just couldn’t help ourselves).

Indie developers make meme games fast, but do they pay off?


Indie devs turned these viral memes into games quickly. Photo: Rob LeFebvre
Indie devs turned these viral memes into games quickly. Photo: Rob LeFebvre

When #TheDress went viral, you might have tweeted about it, or argued over the color with your Facebook friends. You may have forwarded that video of the Llamas giving merry chase, or the Left Shark messing up its dance moves during Katy Perry’s halftime show.

Indie game developers, however, saw an opportunity.

With games like Left Shark Dance Attack, Super WeaselPecker, and the addition of The Dress to the existing game Fashion Story, these game makers seized the opportunity of the moment and brought these viral memes into the digital realm for fun…and hopefully a quick profit.

“We understand these types of games have a short shelf life,” Evan S of Left Shark Dance Attack‘s Best Apps LLC told us, “but most games on the App Store have a short shelf life.”

Flame wars: How angry memes go viral


Need your online content to go viral? Get your opponents angry. Photo: CGP Grey/YouTube
Need your online content to go viral? Get your opponents angry. Photo: CGP Grey/YouTube

The internet is up in arms about the price of the higher-end Apple Watch models, with a grand level of snark and wit in the various Twitter rants and reaction pieces. The aggro response will most likely fade away, but if there were an equally large group of apologists, the resulting flame war might become a larger-than-life conflagration.

If you’ve ever wondered why some internet arguments go large, this video may have the answer. It turns out that the best way to get the attention of the internet is to get angry. Or, rather, angry reactions can almost guarantee the potential of an argument to go viral.

10 hilarious memes that prove Brian Williams can’t escape the Internet


Maybe TV anchor Brian Williams just mis-remembered this.  Photo: ‏@robx_d/Twitter
Maybe TV anchor Brian Williams just mis-remembered this. Photo: ‏@robx_d/Twitter

Brian Williams may be waiting for the brouhaha to wear off his “mis-remembering” of which helicopter he was in during the 2003 war in Iraq, but the internets will just not let it go.

He might have conflated his experience as a reporter with that of the actual soldiers who were fired upon, but the meme police are making sure this faux pas lives on forever, creating hilarious photo “evidence” that not only was Williams at Gettysburg, but also present for the first moon landing and riding along with O.J. in his white Bronco slow roll.

Check out some of the choicest photographic “evidence” of the disgraced news anchor below, from some of the funniest minds on the interwebs.

Grumpy Cat’s outrageous earnings are the talk of the tabloids


Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy  Cat, isn't talking about her bank account. Photo: Ricky Brigante/Flickr CC
Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, isn't talking about her bank account. Photo: Ricky Brigante/Flickr CC

Whatever she earns, Grumpy Cat has plenty of reasons to smile. The Internet-famous feline just knows her earning power would dry up if she expressed happiness.

The world’s favorite sourpuss has reportedly earned more than $100 million in two years, according to British tabloid The Daily Express. That’s more than Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman, Matt Damon or Mathew McConaughey.

You Can Now Make Your iPhone Do The Harlem Shake Thanks To This Tweak [Video]



In what must surely be the official sign that this meme is over, iOS developer Filippo Bigarella has created a tweak that makes jailbroken iPhones do the Harlem Shake.

It’s stupid, but I love it. In fact, I kind of want it on my iPhone just to beat this meme into the ground so badly that no one will ever make a Harlem Shake video again. Filippo says he’s not going to release the tweak (thank goodness), but maybe if you bug him he’ll let you know how to do it.


Source: Filippo Bigarella