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A15 Bionic finally gets real competition from an unlikely source


MediaTek rivals A15 Bionic
Another blow to Qualcomm.
Image: MediaTek

MediaTek looks set to become the first mobile chipmaker to finally give iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chip a run for its money in processing performance.

The Taiwanese company’s new Dimensity 9000 chipset, announced late last year, is yet to make its way into an Android device. But early benchmarks suggest it will easily outpace rivals from Google, Samsung and Qualcomm.

Qualcomm still prepared to supply 5G modems for iPhone


iPhone XS crazy performance means speed at your fingertips.
Apple can
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Qualcomm is still prepared to supply Apple with 5G modems for a future iPhone — despite an ongoing legal battle between the two companies.

Reports have indicated Apple may be struggling to secure 5G modems from Intel and other vendors for a 2020 refresh. But Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon says, “if they call, we’ll support them.”

Super-fast WiGig could be in future iPhone


A WiGig iPhone might happen in 2020.
A WiGig iPhone might happen in 2020. This standard is fast but short range.
Photo: Wireless Gigabit Alliance/Cult of Mac

Apple appears to be planning to put WiGig in future iPhones. This a version of Wi-Fi that’s more than five times faster than 802.11ac.

An Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modem has reportedly been turned down by Apple because it lacked WiGig. This certainly implies that the iPhone maker will go looking for a modem that does include this feature.

Intel puts new 5G modem on hold after Apple snub


iPhone X home screen
iOS 14's Home screen could be very different.
Photo: Apple

Editor’s Note: The original source of this information has retracted it. While Apple has apparently decided to not use Sunny Peak chips, they do not included 5G support. This means Intel could still produce 5G modems for Apple.

Intel has reportedly halted development of its new 5G mobile modem after Apple decided not to place orders for future iPhones.

Intel had hoped to secure a partnership with Apple to supply “Sunny Peak” chips for its 2020 iPhone lineup, but according to internal communications and “people familiar with the matter,” Apple has decided to shop elsewhere.

Apple could snub Qualcomm with new iPhone modem supplier


Apple Watch
You’ll want this year’s iPhone for its cameras.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is considering a new iPhone modem supplier as it looks to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm.

The company is yet to decide whether it will add MediaTek to its supply chain for its next-generation iPhone lineup. But Apple is keen to limit its dealings with Qualcomm after a recent legal spat in which the latter attempted to ban iPhone imports into the United States.

Apple is searching for new modem chip suppliers to replace Qualcomm


Apple's feud with Qualcomm shows no signs of slowing down.
Photo: Intel

Apple has reportedly shifted half of its baseband modem chipsets for iOS devices to Intel from Qualcomm, and is now considering shifting additional orders to Taiwanese manufacturer MediaTek.

The news comes at a time when hostilities between Apple and former manufacturer Qualcomm continue to heat up, with no signs that they will come to a close soon.

Google to follow Apple into building its own mobile chips


Androids tend to me more affordable, but that doesn't mean they're cheap.
Androids tend to me more affordable, but that doesn't mean they're cheap.
Photo: Google
Will we see a Google chip inside one of these one day? Photo: Google
Will we see a Google chip inside one of these one day? Photo: Google

Google is in talks with chipset manufacturers with a view to designing its own processors and other components for future Android devices, according to a new report.

The company is said to be interested in following Apple’s footsteps in an effort to make Android “more competitive” at the high end of the market, and to “solve other major problems.”