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Find The AirPlay And Volume Settings In The Media Bar On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


iPhone Volume AirPlay

When you’re using your iPad and want to send the signal up to the big TV in your living room via Apple TV and AirPlay, you can double click on the Home button, swipe to the right, and you’ll see the Media bar, with the brightness, volume, orientation lock, and AirPlay destination settings.

But on the iPhone, when you swipe once to the right, all you’ll see is the orientation lock (or Mute, if you’ve set your hardware switch to lock orientation), and the play, forward, and reverse buttons for media playback via the Music app. Where is the AirPlay setting button? And what about a volume slider?

Listen To Audio From YouTube Videos In The Background On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]


YouTube In Background iOS

YouTube is synonymous with online video. As such, it’s a great resource to find music by your favorite artists, instructional videos, and even video podcasts. You may, however, have noticed that when you press the Home button, the app quits and you are no longer able to watch or listen to the video playing in the background.

Actually, that’s wrong. You *can* in fact listen to a YouTube video in the background, with a fairly neat workaround, brought to you by a frequent reader of Cult of Mac.