Apple Predicted To Become Most Powerful Media Company By 2020


Apple's television is still some way off.
Will Apple become the top media company in 2020?

At a Techonomy conference today, two of the four panelists called out Apple as “most likely to succeed” at a session discussing how advertising could affect existing media companies.

While the session itself didn’t spend a lot of time on Apple, according to Techcrunch, the panel ended with an answer to moderator Dave Morgan’s question on predictiong the world’s most powerful media company in 2020. Digital agency AKQA’s Tom Bedecarre said that Apple would take the top spot, due to the several media delivery platforms that it owns or controls.

Another panelist and CEO of SocialFlow, Frank Speiser, agreed, adding that the time was ripe for a company like Facebook or Twitter to team up with Apple to help improve discovery, thus giving the partnering company a leg up in the media landscape.

New Lexus Ad Uses iPad To Animate Printed Page



Take a magazine. Put an iPad behind an advert on a printed page. Behold: moving pictures.

This is one of the latest advertisements from Lexus, and in reality all the paper is doing is acting as a screen, with images projected on to it from behind. Just as huge buildings have become popular film backdrops using projection mapping technology, now simple printed pages are doing the same thing.

Apple Sued For Allegedly Infringing Media Playback Patent That It Half-Heartedly Tried To License


Photo: Apple
Apple finds itself involved in yet another patent lawsuit.

Apple has been named in a California lawsuit filed by EPL Holdings for allegedly infringing a patent that covers audio and video playback at varying speeds. The filing reports that EPL met with Apple back 2002 to discuss  licensing over the patents it had developed. But the Cupertino company is alleged to have used the technology anyway without reaching a licensing deal.

Get Your Stuck Media Downloads Unstuck On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch [iOS Tips]



Don’t you hate it when you start to download a song file, or a podcast, or an app and it just sits there, mocking you? When the little progress bar just refuses to move, no matter how you scream at the front of your magical iOS device? Yeah, me, too.

One way to fix this problem with apps is to tap the icon to stop the download, and then tap it again to resume the download. If that doesn’t work (and it won’t with a media download), then you’re not out of luck. There is another way.

Which Companies Will Still Thrive When The iPad Rules The Earth


Which industries will thrive in an iPad-dominated world? Which will fail?
Which industries will thrive in an iPad-dominated world? Which will fail?

Led by the iPad, tablet sales are now expected to overtake laptop sales within four years. Given how disruptive the iPad has already been to many industries, it’s almost impossible to read reports like that without wondering which industries the iPad will topple or transform over the next five to ten years.

A new Morgan Stanley report identifies some of the likely winners and losers in an iPad and tablet dominated world. The industries expected to succeed include a couple of surprises – at first glance.

Storyful News App Is A Great Idea, But Too Buggy To Rely On [Review]


Too slow, too often: Storyful for iOS struggles to live up to its name
Too slow, too often: Storyful for iOS struggles to live up to its name

Storyful for iOS says it can help you “separate the news from the noise.” It plucks interesting news stories from social media networks, spotting the stuff that’s trending and turning it into a news feed. That all sounds great, until you start trying to use it – although it’s a great idea with great promise, it’s let down by too many performance problems.

Sidecar Looks To Bring Together Phone And Media Over WiFi



If you’re looking for another alternative to sharing media content and making free phone calls over WiFi, you might want to check out Sidecar for Android and iOS. The recently released app allows users a plethora of sharing options as long as all recepients have the app installed. If you try to make a call to someone who doesn’t yet have the app, it will send them a text message asking them to check out the app. Features of Sidecar include