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Study shows consumers love Apple third-best among brands


Apple placed third behind Disney and Tesla. The top 10 included three tech companies.
Apple placed third behind Disney and Tesla. The top 10 included three tech companies.
Photo: MBLM

Apple stood as the third-highest rated brand among consumers in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2022 Study results released Tuesday. The Cupertino tech giant placed just behind Disney and Tesla in the rankings, which seek to show how consumers bond with the brands they use and love.

And this year, MBLM counted three technology brands among the top 10, up from two last year.

Apple Music apparently isn’t as ‘intimate’ as Spotify


Apple Music brand intimacy
How does Apple Music make you feel?
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We make choices based on emotion and feelings can change on a whim. The best brands understand this as a science and if bonded closely with its customer base, can successfully influence its purchasing choices.

So the marketing team in charge of Apple Music may want to huddle up after a report on brand intimacy released today saw the music streaming service drop from its No. 1 spot from last year to No. 5.

Apple scores with millennials as ‘most intimate brand’


brand intimacy
Apple takes that bond you have formed with your iPhone very seriously.
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In just 24 hours, Apple went from being ho-hum in charisma to number one in brand intimacy.

What sounds like fickle middle school popularity are actual rankings based on research, data and scientific surveys of, well, fickle people.

Apple ended its workweek ranked first for brand intimacy among millennials, according to a report MBLM, a marketing firm that specializes in helping brands form said connection. Apple as a brand must have worked hard on itself over the last year because it beat out Netflix, which was tops among millennials last year.

Those fuzzy feelings you have about Apple are by design


Apple nail art
Trading up iPhones was such a big deal to Lauren WIlkin, she artistically marked her nails for the occasion.
Photo: Lauren Wilkin

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ uncompromising demands and brutal assessments of products in development paint a picture of a CEO who cared little about his colleagues’ feelings.

That’s because he was obsessed with yours.

A report published this week points to this and shows what is arguably the most brilliant and enduring part of his legacy.

Enthusiasm is cooling for Apple Watch (and what Apple can do about it)


Apple Watch OS2 add a friend
Are people falling out of love with the Apple Watch?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch usage is dropping off as the novelty factors fades away, according to a new study. While Apple’s wearable has found a place in many owners’ gadget ecosystems, the device is still viewed as distinctly nonessential.

However, the new report includes a list of users’ desired features for Apple Watch 2 — and many of them are things Apple is supposedly working on already.