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Mayo Clinic finds new way Apple Watch detects bum tickers


AI and ECG readings from Apple Watch could be crucial to detecting heart problems.
AI and ECG readings from Apple Watch could be crucial to detecting heart problems.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

The famed Mayo Clinic showed us a new way artificial intelligence (AI) and Apple Watch can help save patients’ lives, according to a new study.

Instead of relying only on expensive tests conducted in clinical settings, doctors may be able to turn to AI and Apple Watch electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings to help determine which patients have previously undetected heart pump problems that could lead to heart failure.

‘Bionic eye’ helps man see wife for the first time in 10 years


Allen Zderad received a
Allen Zderad received a "bionic" eye implant in an operation at the Mayo Clinic in January and now can see his wife. Photo: Mayo Clinic News Network/YouTube

Allen Zderad lost a career in science because of a degenerative eye disease. Now, science is allowing him to see his wife for the first time in 10 years.

The 68-year-old former chemist from Minnesota recently became the recipient of a “bionic eye” implant, a chip with electrodes implanted in his retina that interacts with a camera in Zderad’s glasses. The camera and wearable computer pack sends information to the electrodes, which then send the information on to the optic nerve.

Mayo Clinic will aid Apple’s mobile health drive at today’s media event


New IBM cloud has the potential to take Health data to the next level. Photo: Apple
Apple will have a major healthcare partner on hand at today's special event.

The Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic is set to be at Apple’s special media event this morning to help demonstrate the benefit of Apple’s Health app to medical professionals, according to the Star Tribune.

Mayo Clinic is one of the best-known names in U.S. healthcare and partnering with Apple will benefit both organizations: Apple with legitimacy for its new mobile health push, and Mayo Clinic in terms of using technology to better provide health and fitness tracking for patients.

As per the Star Tribune, Mayo Clinic’s role at Apple’s event will involve demonstrating how data can flow into the more sophisticated management system of a major health center.