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Window cleaners look like tiny ants in latest Apple Park flyover


Apple Park
"What is this, a campus for ants?!"
Photo: Matthew Roberts/Maverick Imagery

Just in time for WWDC, drone videographers Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts have uploaded new drone flyover videos of Apple Park.

The videos show that landscaping is continuing on the spectacular site and more people than ever are working there. Most astonishing of all is a glimpse of the 24-hour window cleaning crew, reminding us of just how massive Apple’s shiny new headquarters actually is. Check out the videos below.

New Apple Park video highlights greener spaceship


drone video
Matthew Roberts' latest drone video shows a greener Apple Park.
Photo: Matthew Roberts/YouTube

Drone pilot Matthew Roberts might know the layout of Apple Park better than the builders and architects.

In Roberts’ 22nd drone flight and video of the evolving Apple campus, his 4K camera shows off new sod and near-finished landscaping around the inner circle of the giant spaceship HQ.

Drone flyover video reveals Apple Park progress over past year


The Steve Jobs Theatre still isn't ready to host events.
The Steve Jobs Theatre still isn't ready to host events.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

Apple’s new spaceship campus still isn’t quite ready for employees to move into yet, but the amount of work done over the past year has been absolutely astonishing.

In the latest aerial video of Apple Park, drone videographer Matthew Roberts takes fans through a breathtaking review of all the construction that’s gone on in the past year. You can watch as Tim Cook’s beautiful pile of dirt gets slowly redistributed across the campus as solar panels, glass walls and hundreds of trees get put in their proper place.

Check out the progress Apple’s made: