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Instagram continues to boom. Make money at it with this master class [Deals]


Instagram marketing course
Learn to grow your follower count on Instagram with this crash course.
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Sure, it’s nice to have a gaggle of Instagram followers to like your pics. But building an audience on the world’s fastest-growing social media platform is more than just a vanity project. When Kylie Jenner turns her 121 million followers on to a product, she makes a cool $1 million per post.

Apple caps off ‘amazing’ year with more advertising honors


2019 Creative Marketer of the Year
Spike Jonze created Apple's most celebrated ad of 2018.
Photo: Apple

Apple marketing set an even higher bar in the advertising industry this year and is closing out 2018 with three commercials in Adweek’s Top 25 Best Ads of the Year.

Adweek listed “Welcome Home,” Apple’s HomePod ad directed by Spike Jonze, as second-best. Nike’s “Believe in Something. Even If it Means Sacrificing Everything” was the top ad, featuring polarizing quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Grow and optimize your Instagram account with this assistant [Deals]


Appz Instagram Assistant
Growing an Instagram presence doesn't have to be difficult with Appz Instagram Assistant.
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Whether you are aspiring to become an influencer or starting an online brand, building a presence on Instagram is full of challenges. The name of the game when it comes to Instagram growth is work smarter not harder.

Appz is an easy-to-use software solution that will automate tasks to generate more engagement for your personal or brand Instagram account.

Learn how to make Instagram into a marketing powerhouse [Deals]


Instagram fact checking
Instagram will use fact-checking teams to identify false information.
Photo: Instagram

Instagram is a great way for you and your friends to find expression through images. With a billion monthly users, it’s also one of the most relevant social media platforms, and so a true marketing powerhouse. You might know just which filters to use, but do you know how to market on Instagram?

Huawei embarrasses itself with jab at iPhone X notch


Huawei notch
Oliur Rahman didn't have to say much to start the conversation on Twitter.
Photo: Oliur Rahman/Twitter

Huawei can boast about surpassing Apple in worldwide smartphone sales. It just shouldn’t try to one-up the iPhone X on design and interface points.

The Chinese tech giant got a lesson in marketing, user experience and the power of the Apple brand community last week when a presentation showing the notch on the Huawei P20 next to the one on the iPhone X backfired.

LG disses iPhone in whiny new ad


LG v iPhone
Put that iPhone down and smile for the ThinQ.
Photo: LG/YouTube

With its smartphone sales in sharp decline, LG takes aim at the iPhone in a television ad that seems desperate to drum up excitement for its new flagship handset.

The commercial for the new LG G7 ThinQ features actress Aubrey Plaza and shows a village of people using every criticism the Android community has ever hurled at the iPhone to try and convince a whiny user named Ryan to switch to the ThinQ.

Learn the inner workings of ads and marketing on Facebook [Deals]


Get the most out of Facebook for your brand or product with this comprehensive marketing course.
Get the most out of Facebook for your brand or product with this comprehensive marketing course.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One thing the last few weeks has taught us is that marketing on Facebook is effective. Of course, most people aren’t using the platform to exploit people, but to connect to the widest possible audience. To do that, you’ve got to understand how Facebook marketing and ads work.