App Contest Taps Foodies Because Engineers Make ‘Boring’ Apps


CC-licensed, thanks to Striatic on Flickr.
CC-licensed, thanks to Striatic on Flickr.

There are two things people care viscerally about in the San Francisco Bay Area: food and tech.

There’s always someone with an iPhone Instagramming dinner or squinting over health scorecards for those taco trucks on Yelp. (See also: “Foodies The Musical,” a local hit.)

But a lot of these apps don’t deliver what food lovers really hunger for, says the organizer of a new app contest.  The 8-Hour Food App Challenge wants local residents to sit at their kitchen tables and concoct new apps about all things culinary on Saturday, June 29.

“The kind of food content that makes you salivate isn’t the kind you find in apps designed by engineers,” says Pietro Ferraris, founder of Map2app and sponsor of the Challenge, told Cult of Mac. “Most apps made by engineers about food are pretty boring, so we hope to change that.”