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Here’s how hackers can install malware on your Mac through Safari


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Apple can’t protect you from everything.
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You might consider Safari to be the safest web browser for macOS, but one security researcher has proven it’s not completely bulletproof.

Patrick Wardle has demonstrated how hackers can remotely infect a Mac with malicious software using a Safari vulnerability. Apple’s built-in protections can do nothing to stop it.

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Researchers Sneak Malicious iOS App Into The App Store Undetected



Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have successfully found a way to sneak malicious iOS apps past Apple’s strict App Store review process that is designed to prevent such software from making its way onto our devices.

The technique used a seemingly innocent app called “Jekyll” that could be updated after approval to carry out harmful actions without triggering security alarms.

Got An AT&T iPhone? It May Be Vulnerable To Cellular Hijacking


... thanks to AT&T.
... thanks to AT&T.

AT&T is one of 48 carriers worldwide which have a network vulnerability that allows hackers to intercept cellular data and inject malicious content into the traffic that passes between smartphones and the websites they visit. The flaw can be used to transfer code to unencrypted pages which causes a user to perform unintended actions, like sending messages or friend requests from Facebook and Twitter. And your iPhone may be vulnerable.

Facebook, Dropbox Apps Have Serious Security Flaw That Puts Your Personal Data At Risk [Updated]


A vulnerability in the Facebook and Dropbox apps for Android and iOS means your data can be taken by anyone with access to your device.

A security researcher has discovered a serious flaw with the Facebook and Dropbox apps for both Android and iOS that puts all of your sensitive personal data at risk.

Anyone with access to your device can use a free piece of software that’s easily available on the internet to retrieve an unencrypted, plain text file from your device that provides access to your entire account — without requiring a jailbreak.

‘Flashback.G’ Trojan Is Infecting Macs With Older Java Runtime Software To Steal Your Personal Data



Intego, the company behind the popular VirusBarrier security software for the Mac, has uncovered a new trojan horse called ‘Flashback.G’ that infects Macs running older versions of Java Runtime. The software installs itself on your system without your acknowledgement when you visit a malicious webpage, then it will record usernames and passwords for sites like Google, eBay, PayPal, and more.