Makers rejoice: This massive Arduino library costs just $20 [Deals]


This bundle of 15 Arduino eBooks are a must-have for any Maker.
This bundle of 15 Arduino e-books is a must-have for any maker.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’ve got the itch to make things, you probably already know about Arduino. It’s the platform for building all kinds of computer-connected gizmos.

Basically, if you can imagine it, you can make it with Arduino — and books from Make show you how.

Meet your inner maker with books on 3D printing, CNC routing and more [Deals]


Learn how to use 3D printers, CAD software, CNC machines and more with this bundle of a dozen instructional eBooks.
Learn how to use 3D printers, CAD software, CNC machines and more with this bundle of a dozen instructional e-books.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Thanks to technology, anyone can become a designer and manufacturer without leaving the garage or office. 3D printing, CNC machines, CAD — these are the tools of today’s DIY makers.

If that all sounds interesting, but you’re not quite sure what any of it means, this bundle of e-books is for you.

How To Make Your Own TARDIS iPad Case [Found on Etsy]



Whatever you do, don’t blink. Otherwise you might miss the superbness of this Who-tastic iPad case, and instructions for making your own.

For just two dollars, you can buy the pattern for this smart multi-dimensional iPad sleeve, and make it yourself with some yarn, some needles, and a sonic screwdriver.

Just like the real TARDIS, this one’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. On the outside, you have a 7.5inch by 9.5inch crocheted sleeve, but on the inside you have more hours of entertainment than most of us can handle in 11 (count ’em) lifetimes. Having a time machine would actually be quite a good way of keeping up with it all, wouldn’t it?

(Hands up who else is really enjoying the current series of Who?)

Immolated Old Macintosh Classic II Becomes “Steampunk” Clock



After scratching his head for awhile and wondering what to do with a Macintosh Classic II , Maker Matteo from Ithaca, New York repurposed his old faithful Mac into a shelf-top clock.

From appearances, it looks like the clock — which Matteo rather laughably calls “steampunk” in style — only came into being after its creator accidentally doused his Mac Classic in acid then shot with a bazooka, but the innards of the admittedly ugly timepiece work well enough: a 16MHz CPU, 4MB of RAM and a 20MB hard drive running MacOS 7 and a dozen different shareware and freeware clock programs, including one that counts down the seconds to Matteo’s death.

Yeah, it’s hideous, but we love it: this is just the kind of bizarro clock I can imagine discovering thirty years from now in the basement of an elderly and now quite eccentric Steve Wozniak. Great work, Matteo!