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Mailbox Updated With Integrated Dropbox Attachments



Mailbox, the miracle mashup of mail and to-do lists, has just seen the first fruit of its Dropbox ownership – Dropbox Attachments. Thought the release notes don’t make a big deal of this at all – they read “Dropbox attachments integration,” and there’s not even a new screenshot to show it – it’s actually a pretty great new feature.

Mailbox Is Now Available On Your iPad


Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 13.30.54

Mailbox, the hugely popular third-party Gmail client for iOS that has changed the way we manage our emails, is now available on the iPad. The update comes just over three months after Mailbox made its debut on the iPhone, and you’ll be pleased to know that you no longer have to wait in line to use it.

Mailbox For iPad Is Coming, Mac App Being “Considered”


Updated already? Shake it!
Updated already? Shake it!

Mailbox may be the best email app out there, but it’s only on the iPhone. In Cult of Mac’s official review, we noted that one of the biggest cons was a lack of iPad support. Because Mailbox has such a distinct workflow for managing email, it’s difficult to use when not present on all devices.

The good news is that Mailbox is coming to the iPad. Orchestra, the developer behind the app, is working on an iPad version as we speak. Other platforms are also being looked at, including the Mac.

Star And Mark Mail Unread Using Mailbox for iPhone [iOS Tips]


Mailbox Unread Star

Mailbox for iPhone lets you send each email to a list, set it to snooze for a certain number of hours or days, or even just archive the email if you want.

In addition, you can mark emails as read or unread, and star them, just like in Gmail itself. THis gives you yet another way to sort and classify emails on the go, which also transfers easily to the web version of Gmail, as well.

Change Snooze Timing And Logic In Mailbox For iPhone [iOS Tips]


Mailbox Snoozes

Mailbox for iPhone is revolutionary, sure, and it lets you “snooze” your emails to a point later in the day, week, or month. But what if you don’t like the way it does that?

By default, Mailbox defines the start of your day as 6 am, the start of your weekend as 10 am, and the end of your workday as 6 pm. It defines Later Today as +4 hours, and Someday as +3 months.

If that doesn’t fit your individual schedule or tastes, here’s how to change it.

Undo That Mistaken Swipe In Mailbox For iPhone [iOS Tips]


mailbox swipe

One of the central conceits of new iOS mail client, Mailbox, is getting to Inbox Zero, a zen state of pure joy, in which you feel much better having dealt with all your email. The way the app does this is with swipes. Swipe partway across an email to the right and you archive it with a pleasant green checkmark. Swipe completely from left to right and you send the offending email to the trash. It’s lovely, and easy, and oh so nice.

But what happens when you make a mistake and long swipe to Trash when you really meant to short swipe to Archive?

Mailbox For iPhone Abandons Reservation System, Now For Free For Everyone To Use



Remember when you got frustrated that you had to wait in a virtual line to use Mailbox, the hot new iPhone app that promises to fix all of your email woes? Well now you have to wait no longer. Mailbox’s reservation system is gone, and the app is now free for everyone to use!

You’ve always been able to download Mailbox from the App Store, but unless you’ve been lucky enough to get in, the app only displays the number of users waiting in front of and behind you. 10 weeks later, that is no longer the case. 

Batch Archive Or Delay All Messages In Mailbox App For The iPhone [iOS Tips]


Mailbox All Swipe

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have signed up for Mailbox, Orchestra’s amazing new email client for the iPhone, you know how great it is. It allows you to re-think how you deal with email on a daily basis. Mail messages can be archived, set to remind you at a later time or day, or placed in lists you create yourself all with a swipe of your thumb or finger. Mailbox turns email into much less of a chore while on the go.

Did you know, however, that instead of swiping each email one at a time, there’s a way to take care of all of them at once? Here’s how.