Give your iPhone the MagSafe adapter it’s always dreamed of


Keep your iPhone safer with this MagSafe-like adapter.
Keep your iPhone safer with this MagSafe-like adapter.
Photo: Znaps

When Apple created the MagSafe adapter for its highly desirable line of MacBooks back in 2006, the world changed. Gone were the days of tripping over your power adapter cord and pulling your entire MacBook down onto a cold, uncaring floor.

These days, your iPhone and iPad have a similar problem, with a Lightning cable that connects so securely to the power port that if you happen to walk by and trip on the cable, you’re gonna fling that oh-so-precious device right to the ground, dashing its poor little silicon brains out.

This Kickstarter project, ZNAPS, aims to fix this design nightmare with a magnetic Lightning cable adapter that will transform the way you charge your Apple mobile devices, all for an excitingly low price of $9.

Cabin’s sleek battery pack also gives your iPhone a MagSafe connector



Lightning ports haven’t even been around for two years now, but I think it might be time for Apple to consider replacing it with the MacBook’s most underrated feature: Magsafe power connectors.

Cabin is a new a Kickstarter projected aimed at bringing the MacBook’s awesome MagSafe power connector to the iPhone 5 and 5s, with a battery case that’s so sleek and unapologetically aluminum, you’d think it came straight from Jony Ive’s prototype design lab.

These Clever Lamps Are Powered By Chewed Apple MagSafe Power Cords



Apple’s MagSafe power cord is one of the most underrated MacBook features ever, but unfortunately, they’re not very durable. We’ve all seen MagSafe cords become nearly unusable after a years’ worth of bending and wrapping, or if you’re like Toronto-based artist Brian Richer, your dog eats them.

After doing some tinkering, Brian found that his chewed MagSafe cords still passed enough power to light up some LEDs. Rather than tossing them in the trash, Richer has managed to salvage the cords to power his gorgeous, minimalist lamps.

Here are some close ups:

Snuglet Makes MacBook Power Hole Smaller, More Snuggerer



People love to moan about the slimline MagSafe 2 adapter that was launched to match the skinny (current) MacBook Air. It falls out, they say. It’s too easy to knock from its magnet-hole. I’ve never had any trouble with it. In fact, I like it more than the original because not only does it stay firmly in place, but it also snaps in properly in to begin with. I often found the old fat MagSafe would fail to engage, leaving me with a dead battery when I left the house (not that I ever actually leave the house).

Anyhow, you whiners now have something else to waste your money on: the Snuglet.

Loose MagSafe 2 Plug Destroys Retina MacBook Screen


The MagSafe 2, it seems, is neither 'Mag' nor 'Safe.'
The MagSafe 2, it seems, is neither 'Mag' nor 'Safe.'

It’s widely know that that the MagSafe 2 connector found on the new Retina MacBook Pro likes to sever its connection at the slightest chance. But who cares, right? After all, if it comes loose, you just plug it back in – it’s not like it’s the cable to your boot drive or anything.

I’ll tell you who cares: Lukas Mathis. Lukas didn’t notice his weak Mag”Safe” connector disconnecting, and the result was a cracked and ruined Retina screen.

Count Again: The iPhone 5’s 8-Pin Dock Connector Really Has 9-Pins


That 8-pin dock connector is really a 9-pin one upon closer inspection.
That 8-pin dock connector is really a 9-pin one upon closer inspection.

Will the next iPhone have an 8 pin or 9 pin dock connector? The iOS 6 beta says 9, but if you count the pins on the leaked dock components, there are only 8. Which is correct? Both: according to a new report, the new dock connector’s aluminum shell teams up with the 8 gold pins to make a ninth pin, resulting in 60% less real estate than the existing 30-pin connector, and better transfer rates with a fraction of the electrical contacts.

Replug Is A Magnet-Free MagSafe For Headphones


Snap! The Replug will break off in emergencies, leaving your cables safe.


Replug is a gadget that could – if it had existed a few years ago – would have saved me a fortune; literally hundreds of dollars. It is a simple and excellent idea: a magsafe connector for your headphones, only without the magnets.

Henge Dock For MacBook Air: Keeps Your Desk Neat & Tidy, But Could Do More [Review]


Please excuse my dreadful wallpaper.

If you use your MacBook with a Thunderbolt Display at home or at the office, and you don’t use your MacBook’s display as a secondary monitor, then a Henge Dock is a great way to keep your desk neat and tidy.

Available for all recent MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros from 11 to 17 inches — with prices ranging from $55 to $75 — it provides you with a place to dock your MacBook in a vertical position so that it takes up as little space as possible. Its integrated ports mean you can still all of your notebook’s USB ports, its MagSafe connector, audio jack, and more.

The Henge Dock promises to be the “first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers” There are some things it could do better, however.