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Dead Trigger 2’s Grisly Christmas Update Doubles The Zombie Killing



Czech Republic-based Madfinger Games just released a huge update for Dead Trigger 2 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, just two months after its initial release.

The first person zombie shooter already has over 10 million downloads, and this massive Christmas update, with its new additions and added zombie-killing gadgets, will nearly double the game content for all.

In addition, the Madfinger team has updated the original Dead Trigger with support for new devices so even more folks can join in on the fun.

Zombie-Shooter Dead Trigger 2 Staggers Onto Your Android, iOS Device



Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to heavily-downloaded hit zombie game, Dead Trigger, burst onto Google Play and the App Store late Wednesday night, bringing next-level graphics and gameplay to devices in your very pocket.

This first-person shooter has an all new touch control scheme that was created, says the developer, Madfinger Games, specifically for casual gamers. You’ll be able to use the virtual joystick, of course, and Android players can use supported game controllers. What’s interesting, however, is the new casual-gamer-style touch control scheme.

You’ll immerse yourself into a world where the humans are fighting the zombies, like you do. The game itself, however, is played out in real time on a global scale.

Shadowgun: Deadzone Updated With New Maps, Weapons, Gangs, Hats


Yup, I said "hats."

Madfinger Games announced on its Facebook page today an update to multiplayer FPS game, Shadowgun: Deadzone on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The update includes two new maps, new weapon upgrades, a chat feature in the main menu, a new way to play with groups of friends called Gangs, new hats, Rewards for finishing Zone Control or DeathMatch, and an increase to max player ranks (up to 50).

Is ShadowGun Deadzone Finally Ready For Its Cross-Platform Multiplayer Launch?



It’s been nine months since Madfinger Games teased a multiplayer version of its hit title ShadowGun. An early build of the game was demoed at CES back in January along with a YouTube video showing off some in-game footage. A few lucky CES attendees received some hands-on with the game and MadFinger Games claimed a Q1 launch. Well, Q1 has long since passed with no sign or word on the future of ShadowGun Deadzone. That was until today.

MADFINGER Games Introduces DEAD TRIGGER: A Zombie Killing Training Course For When You Visit Miami



Those MADFINGER guys are at it again! After their blockbuster third person shooter SHADOWGUN essentially became the poster child for console quality gaming on mobile, they’ve gone ahead and teased us with their next project: DEAD TRIGGER. MADFINGER has worked hard at optimizing their games to showcase the graphical prowess of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor as well as supporting iOS’s new iPad, and DEAD TRIGGER is no different. Featuring: