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Take control of your video collection with this trio of powerful Mac apps


This media bundle includes top-rated Mac apps.
This lifetime license to the MacX Media Management Bundle will end your video hassles.
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If you’re looking to effortlessly convert and resize videos, watch your favorite DVDs on your iPad, or seamlessly transfer files between your iPhone, iPad and Mac, look no further than this lifetime license for the MacX Media Management Bundle.

This comprehensive three-app bundle offers ways to work with all sorts of media using your favorite Apple devices. Plus, you can enjoy an extra 30% off this pre-Black Friday doorbuster with coupon code APPS30.

Download, manage and rip videos to your Mac with these apps loved by experts


Download and transfer videos between your Mac easier than ever.
Rip DVDs and download videos easier than ever with lifetime licenses to three top Mac apps.
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Macs are ideal for almost all projects — but no matter how powerful your machine, they can be restrictive when it comes to downloading, ripping and managing your media. The smart way to take control of your videos is with top-rated apps, like the ones included in the MacX Media Management Bundle. Right now, you can get a lifetime license to all three of its apps for just $39.99. That’s a huge 94% discount off the regular price of $689.

Rip your favorite DVDs to play on your Apple devices


This Mac app will allow you to rip your favorite DVDs on your apple devices
Don't let your DVD collection languish. Rip those vids so they'll play on your iOS devices!
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If you want to convert your DVDs to videos you can watch on your iPad or iPhone, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can handle the task. Rather than letting your DVDs collect dust, use this helpful Mac app to convert all your favorite movies, TV shows and music to a format compatible with your Apple gear.

That means you won’t need to buy an additional digital copy to enjoy your favorite content on your favorite devices.

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Easily convert DVDs of all kinds into formats perfect for your Mac, mobile devices, or streaming sites.
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One unfortunate consequence of the streaming age are the DVD collections gathering dust in our closets. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth watching, but let’s face it: we’re probably not watching them again. So instead of letting them go to waste, why not just convert them for other devices?

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With MacX DVD Ripper Pro, your old DVDs don't need to languish.
Don't let your old DVDs languish.
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This post is presented by Digiarty Software.

There are plenty of reasons to digitize your aging DVD library. One is that, at this point, those discs are probably just gathering dust. Moving that content onto your computers and other devices means you’re more likely to actually watch it. It’s also a good way to make sure your videos stay safe from scratches or loss.

Save on a killer app for ripping DVDs to your Mac


You have until December 10 to score a free copy of the powerhouse app, MacX DVD Ripper.
You have until December 10 to score a free copy of the powerhouse app, MacX DVD Ripper.
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This post is presented by Digiarty.

Plenty of us have stacks of DVDs gathering dust in the closet. Streaming video services offer a lot of content, but you never know what will be available when. The movies you bought are worth keeping. So if you don’t want to lose the movies on those disks — or the ability to watch them whenever you want — you should rip them to a local or cloud drive for safekeeping.

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Pay What You Want- The World's Biggest Mac App Bundle
This bundle of almost a dozen premium Mac apps will upgrade the creativity, productivity, and entertainment value of your prized machine.
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You’ve got a Mac, which is one of the finest computing machines money can buy. But it’s really only as useful as the applications you put in it. When you’ve already dropped serious coin on a new computer, it can hurt to fork out even more for a bunch of apps.