Registration For MacTech Conference 2012 Is Ending Soon!



MacTech Conference 2012 in Los Angeles doesn’t start till October 17th 2012, but pre-registration is ending pretty soon — and with it your chance to save $300. If you’re interested in learning about all things Mac in some world-class sessions by some phenomenally brilliant Apple fans than you need to hurry and register.

MacTech 2012 will features special sessions with people like former Apple evangelist Matt Drance, and a special NASA Jet Propulsion Lan on “Interplanetary Networking, Curiosity Style.” You’ll even get to go over to Walt Disney Animation Studios and get a behind-the-scenes look at the advanced technology Disney uses to make their films.

MacTech Announces Huge Event Lineup For 2012



Having held just one event in 2010, MacTech increased that to seven this year, with events across the U.S. Next year’s going to be even bigger, with 15 events spanning the country from February 16 when MacTech Boot Camp kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona, to December 5 when it wraps up the year in Miami, Florida.