Today in Apple history: Do you remember the Macintosh SE/30?


The Mac SE/30 was the greatest Mac of its generation.
Photo: Danamania/Wikipedia CC

Jan19January 19, 1989: Apple introduces the Macintosh SE/30.

Arguably the greatest of the classic black-and-white compact Macs, the SE/30 boasted a 16 MHz 68030 processor, either 40 MB or 80 MB hard drive, and choice of 1 MB or 4 MB of RAM as standard — which, amazingly, could be expanded up to a whopping 128 MB RAM. Oh, and it packed 1.4M SuperDrive, too.

When you picture the ideal 1980s Macintosh, this is likely the machine which comes to mind. And for good reason!

Macintosh SE/30 Resurrected As A Server And Mac Emulator



This is a huge hack: a plucky modder has resurrected a Macintosh SE/30 using a Seagate Dockstar, a small Linux server running a 1.2GHz ARM processor, a few USB 2.0 ports and 128MB of RAM. Not only does it work as a server, but in runs a Mac emulator, and even the floppy drive works… but it reads SD cards mounted on a floppy-shaped protoboard instead of ancient 5.25 discs! He even restored the Mac to pristine condition by bathing it in chemicals to return it to its vintage, unyellowed color. Amazing!