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Watch An iPad Become A Classic Mac In This Fun LEGO Timelapse [Video]



LEGOs have been morphing Apple products into dinosaurs and miniature cities for as long as I can remember, but rarely are the Apple/LEGO mashups as useful as the twist a pair of advertising professionals from Norway put on this Macintosh Classic.

Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken decided to combine their love of Apple and LEGOs to create a touch screen Macintosh Classic. The duo from Oslo started by recreating a scale model of the 1984 Apple machine but had to make a few adjustments to the design to fit the iPad, resulting in a fun looking dock you can to sit back and watch a movie from.

Checkout the entire transformation in the time lapse video below:

A Vintage Mac Turned Into An Exquisitely Beautiful Piece Of Modern Art


Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.53.23 AM

Todd McLellan is an artist whose forte is taking things apart and arranging them neatly, peeling back the layers of an everday object and allowing you to see the shocking mechanical complexity within. He’s like one part Andy Warhol, one part .

This is McLellan’s dissection of a Macintosh Classic, every single piece separated from one another and neatly laid out for your examination. It’s part of his Things Come Apart series, in which “fifty design classics—arranged first by size and then by intricacy—are beautifully displayed, piece by piece, exploding in midair and dissected in real-time, frame-by-frame video stills.” You can see more of McLellan’s work here.

In addition, McLellan has a book coming out at the end of the month called Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living. The cover art for the book is actually the striking image above. If you want it, you can preorder it online from Amazon.

Source: Todd McLellan

Make Your New Mac Look Like It’s Straight Out Of 1984 With This Retro Mod


Make your new make look retroriffic with this mod
These icons will turn your new Mac into something a bit more "vintage"

There’s a dusty old Macintosh Classic sitting in my bedroom closet that has gone neglected for years now. It used to be fun to turn it on every and play Oregon Trail just for nostalgia’s sake, but I outgrew that phase after a few weeks. How much time does one really want to spend on an old beat up machine when you have the most beautiful desktop computer in the world resting inches away? Well, if you’re craving to have some retro-Mac goodness in your life but don’t want to bootup a machine whose operating system hasn’t been supported in two decades, this cool mod might be just what you’re looking for.

Apple Products Organized Neatly [Reader Gallery]


apple organized neatly

Have you checked out our new Instagram feed yet? It’s pretty sweet and we’ve been having a lot of fun seeing snapshots of our readers’ lives as well as giving you guys some behind the scenes looks at Cult of Mac. This week we were inspired by Austin Radcliffe’s blog Things Organized Neatly so we asked our Instagram followers to upload pictures of their Apple products organized neatly and include an #AppleOrganizedNeatly tag so we could share them with the rest of the world. Here’s a gallery of the best pictures we saw on Instagram this week: