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MacLegion Spring Bundle: $800 Worth Of Great Mac Apps For $50 [Deals]


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The guys at MacLegion are back at it with their 2012 Spring Bundle. They’ve assembled 10 fantastic Mac apps from great developers and packaged them into an offering that’s hard to pass up. If you decide to purchase this year’s Spring Bundle, you’ll be getting $800 worth of Mac software for only $50. Doesn’t get much better than that.

There’s only a little over a week left before the bundle expires, so don’t hesitate to buy if you’re interested.

Build Your Own Mac Software Bundle With MacBundles



There’s a lot of Mac bundled out there, and they usually all offer pretty incredible deals on Mac software, but let’s face facts: usually, there’s only one or two applications you really want. If those two apps cost less than the asking price of the bundle, and if you were going to buy them anyway, then getting an additional eight apps for free is an obvious win… but what if you’re more ambivalent, or just plain cheap?

Enter MacBundles, which has an interesting new twist on the bundle software concept: the BYOB store. Essentially, this lets you look at their $50 bundle and either buy it all in a go or pick-and-choose the apps you want for $5.95 each… as long as you order a minimum of five.