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Run every version of Classic Mac OS in your browser


Infinite Mac running Macintosh System 1.0 in Safari on macOS Ventura
Experience 1984 from the comfort of 2023.
Screenshot: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

You don’t need to buy an old Macintosh to experience classic Mac OS anymore. In fact, you don’t even need to fiddle around installing an emulator and downloading ROMs. Thanks to a new project, you can boot up every major release of Mac OS from the 1980s and ’90s right in your web browser.

With more than 25 Apple computers and devices in my collection, I’m something of a vintage Mac collector. It’s an expensive hobby that few can indulge in, but the Infinite Mac website lets you experience one of the joys of collecting vintage gear: Taking ancient software for a spin on a vintage Mac.

How to remove duplicate photos on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Get rid of all those copies
Find and delete copies of your photos on your iPhone.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

You could have dozens of copies of the same images in your Photos library, taking up space on your phone and in your iCloud account. Luckily, Apple offers an easy-to-use little tool that lets you find duplicate photos and delete the copies, all right from the Photos app.

Update: In iOS 16.4, released today, duplicates will now be detected between Shared iCloud Photo Libraries. If you have this set up, check for duplicates again — there’s likely to be hundreds more after updating.

These types of duplicate images can accumulate more quickly than you might expect. They arise if you make a copy of a photo to edit, if you screenshot a photo to bump it to the top of your Camera Roll, or if you and your partner both upload the same picture to your Shared iCloud Photo Library. In fact, I found hundreds of duplicates in my own carefully curated library.

It’s a surprisingly sophisticated feature that took Apple engineers a fair amount of smarts to cook up (more on that later). Here’s how to use Apple’s duplicate image remover and get rid of all those unnecessary files.

macOS Ventura 13.3 and iPadOS 16.4 usher in new emoji and other improvements


First public betas for iOS 16, macOS Ventura arrive
Apple released OS updates for its various computers today, including Mac and iPad.
Photo: Apple

The wait is over for macOS Ventura 13.3 and iPadOS 16.4, which Apple released Monday. While not major upgrades, they do bring new emoji, a better way for devs to work with betas, and other changes (including security updates).

Apple also released iOS 16.4, as well as watchOS 9.4 and tvOS 16.4, today.

No more confusion: Most MacBook Pro models do support multiple external displays


2023 MacBook Pro in 16-inch and 14-inch versions
The 2023 MacBook Pro can handle up to four external displays.
Image: Apple

I occasionally run across someone criticizing Apple because MacBook Pro supports only a single external display. But that’s a limitation of only a couple of MBP models — most recent ones can connect to many more.

It affected the first professional-grade MacBook with Apple silicon, which is probably why people are still confused today. Current models support two or more external screens, with one weird exception.

Get Microsoft Office on your Mac or PC for just $40 for life


Access Microsoft Office on your Mac or Windows computer for life for just $40.
Get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Pro for Mac or Windows on sale for $39.97 (regularly $349) now through April 3 during the Spring Digital Blowout promo — no coupon needed.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Some software is just essential. And until April 3 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, we’ve got a great deal on one of computing’s bedrock software suites: Microsoft Office Pro for Mac or Windows. This multi-app bundle comes with the software that functionally runs the professional world.

Right now, a lifetime license to these essential Microsoft Office programs is on sale for just $39.97 (regularly $349) during our Spring Digital Blowout sale.

Today in Apple history: Macintosh LC II is the Mac mini of its day


The Macintosh LC II was more powerful and cheaper than its predecessor.
The Macintosh LC II was more powerful and cheaper than its predecessor.
Photo: Jonathan Zufi

March 23: Today in Apple history: Macintosh LC II launch March 23, 1992: The “headless” Macintosh LC II arrives, wooing value-oriented customers with a beguiling mix of updated internals and budget pricing.

Designed to take up minimal space underneath a monitor (sold separately), the Mac LC II is destined to become a hit. In retrospect, the entry-level machine is roughly analogous to today’s Mac mini.

Run Windows apps on Mac seamlessly with this easy-to-use software


This $50 subscription to CrossOver+ makes Windows software accessible on Mac.
Make Windows software accessible on your Mac with CrossOver, now only $49.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Mac users get plenty out of their computers, but things can get a little complicated when trying to incorporate Windows software. Now, you can eliminate those frustrations and maximize your Mac experience by picking up a subscription that supplies seamless access to your favorite Windows apps.

For those tired of the slowness of running Windows software on their Mac, meet the CrossOver Windows compatibility app. You can get a one-year subscription to it for only $49 (regularly $74). You won’t find a better price than this anywhere on the web.

Fix the mess caused by Sign in with Apple and Hide My Email


Silence the spam
Apple’s privacy-focused features in Mail are really handy at keeping spam at bay, but you might still need to find that secret email address or delete an account after a while.
Image: Ascánder/Wikimedia Commons/D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

I always use Apple’s privacy-focused Sign in with Apple and Hide My Email services whenever I get the option.

The Sign in with Apple feature, which lets you log into third-party accounts using your Apple ID while keeping your personal info private, is so easy to use that I utilize it everywhere. But that also means my disguised logins pile up, accumulating in the digital junk drawer that is iCloud Settings.

I’ll show you where you can find, manage or delete these accounts. Perhaps you’re jumping ship from iPhone to Android, and you want to make sure you still have another way of signing into your Chipotle account.

The Hide My Email service is similar. It creates a temporary email address that forwards to your real one — handy if you’re signing up for a shady website, or if you need a public contact email. I’ll show you where you can create new ones and delete the old ones.

Today in Apple history: The ultra-fast Macintosh IIfx speeds into stores


Mac IIfx
The IIfx was the fastest Mac of its day.
Photo: Old Computr

March 19: Today in Apple history: The ultra-fast Macintosh IIfx speeds into stores March 19, 1990: The ultra-fast Macintosh IIfx makes its debut, sporting a hefty price tag appropriate for such a speedy machine.

The fastest Macintosh of its day, it boasts a CPU running at a “wicked fast” 40 MHz. It gains an additional speed bump from a pair of Apple-designed, application-specific integrated circuits. Prices start at $9,870 and run up to $12,000 — the equivalent of $22,718 to $27,621 in 2023 money!

Apple TV app for Mac finally getting left sidebar


Apple TV app for Mac finally getting left sidebar
This is likely close to what the redesigned Apple TV for macOS app will look like.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Apple TV app for macOS is reportedly about to get a redesign that includes a left sidebar. That will apparently make it nearly identical to the iPad version.

The update might debut in macOS Ventura 13.3, which is currently in beta.