This lovable Mac lookalike is soft enough to hug


Hardware and software, the Classicbot Plush.
Photo: Philip Lee

There are collectors dying to get their hands on certain Mac prototypes. Put your hands on the one that surfaced in Anaheim, Calif. earlier this month, you’ll want to squeeze it. It’s that soft.

Philip Lee, the Hong Kong toy designer who loves all things Apple, showed off the plush Mac-like prototype toy at the recent DesignerCon 2018.

Colorful iMac G3 looks adorable as a toy robot


Mac toy
iBot comes in tangerine and Bondi blue.
Photo: Philip Lee

Before the brushed aluminum and sharp angles of today’s desktop Mac, the iMac G3 was bulbous, plastic and colorful. Some would say cute.

Toy designer Philip Lee raises the cute factor on the beloved piece of personal computing history with two new Classicbots that come in tangerine and Bondi blue.