How to Nuke Lion’s Launchpad and Start Over



One of the hallmark user features in OS X Lion is the iOS-like Launchpad. From the Launchpad, you can view, open, organize, and manage all of your Mac apps just like the iPhone and iPad.

While some may love Launchpad, many have voiced complaints over the confusing nature of how Launchpad handles Mac apps. In this post, we’ll show you how to completely clean out your Launchpad and start over.

Having Problems With WiFi in Lion? Here’s How You Can Fix Them


Airport in OS X Lion

Hopefully by now you’re running Apple’s shiny new cat, OS X Lion, on your Mac. You may be noticing all the improvements and changes that Apple made in Lion, and we recommend reading our comprehensive review of Lion for all the info you need to know about the latest edition of OS X.

For most users, upgrading to Lion is a smooth and pain-free process. For others, there seems to be several problems, specifically with intermittent Wi-Fi dropouts.

Third Party NAS Time Machine Backups Killed in Lion


Upgrading to Lion will for now mean that you can't back up to third-party NAS servers with Time Machine

Among a slew of other changes and upgrades in OS X Lion, it has been confirmed that the new version of Time Machine in Lion temporarily kills the option to backup to a third party NAS server.

Apple stresses the importance of the Time Machine mentality in Lion, with the Versions feature working in the same way to keep backups of your documents and other files. Killing the ability to backup to a third party NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive reflects Apple’s desire to, well, have you buy more Apple hardware.

OS X Lion Downloaded More Than One Million Times on Launch Day Alone



Apple’s eighth major release of the Mac OS X operating system finally hit the Mac App Store on Wednesday, after what seemed like a painfully long wait since it was teased at WWDC in June. Its $29 price tag, coupled with over 250 awesome new features, makes it a ‘no-brainer’ upgrade for anyone using a compatible Mac, and its launch day download numbers certainly prove that.

How to Make a Bootable Install Disk of Mac OS X Lion


Mac OS X Lion Install

Apple has released Mac OS X Lion in the Mac App Store for $30. Separately, Apple will also begin offering Lion on a USB thumb drive in Apple stores come August. Right now, you can grab Lion from the Mac App Store as a 4GB download.

After you’ve downloaded Lion, it would be wise it back up your install app so that you don’t have to re-download it next time you want to install Lion. You can also make a bootable DVD install disk of Lion to use on your other machines. Keep reading to learn how…

How to See Your OS X Lion Download Progress



In case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple has released OS X Lion for $30 in the Mac App Store. Lion was made available this morning for download, and will be sold at Apple stores on a USB thumb drive in August.

If you’ve started downloading Lion, you may notice that it takes a lot longer to download than most apps. That’s because it weighs in at a hefty 4GB. Luckily, there’s a way to at least see your Lion download progress as you wait.

Microsoft Already Has a Multitouch Mouse That’s Compatible With OS X Lion



Can you not wait to start using the multi-touch gestures in OS X Lion? With Lion set to drop tomorrow morning, everyone is thinking about their Mac setup for Apple’s new desktop OS.

If you don’t favor Apple’s own Magic Mouse and yet don’t want to use a trackpad on a day-to-day basis, don’t worry, there’s a new mouse in town from Microsoft. And yes, we did say Microsoft.

OS X Lion Can Be Clean Installed At Boot-Up, No Snow Leopard Required



Apple’s upcoming OS X Lion release is expected to launch tomorrow, and when it does, it will be available exclusively through the Mac App Store. That means you’ll no longer be able to walk into an Apple retail store and purchase the release on DVD.

That’s great for the environment, but it can make recovering your machine a little more difficult. Apple’s new recovery plans for Lion, however, could make the whole process a walk in the park.