Mac shipments shoot up as total PC market slows


The 2021 iMac is crazy thin.
Mac shipments were up last quarter.
Photo: Apple

Mac shipments saw healthy growth during Q3 2021. Two market-research firms agree that the rise increased Apple’s share of the global PC market.

But COVID-19 has made it difficult for computer-makers to get the componts they need, reducing the ability to produce and sell products.

Going all mini all of the time [Setups]


It's all
It's all "mini" except the monitor, pretty much.

The new M1 iPad mini garners rave reviews for its powerful performance and easily handled size. The M1 Mac mini is well-established as a compact but capable desktop machine. The HomePod mini smart speaker has flourished after the demise of the full-sized HomePod. So it’s no wonder to see “all mini” computer setups cropping up.

iPhone 13, AirPods 3 and more to come from exciting fall for Apple fans


A smaller battery and slower MagSafe charging seem to be the iPhone 12 mini's only weaknesses.
Are you ready?
Photo: Apple

The next couple of months could prove very exciting for Apple fans, with Cupertino planning a whole bunch of big product releases before the year is out. One reliable reporter predicts that in addition to “iPhone 13” and Apple Watch Series 7, we can expect new AirPods and a refreshed iPad models.

And that’s just the start of it.

Think Apple Silicon is exciting now? Just wait and see what’s to come


Amazing Mac Pro concept shrinks the casing but keeps the cheese grater
A smaller, more powerful Mac Pro is expected in 2022.
Concept: Róbert

Apple just reported a hugely successful quarter for the Mac — one of its best ever — and it looks like it’s only going to get better. A new report detailing the company’s Apple Silicon roadmap says the best is yet to come.

In addition to new MacBook Pro models powered by faster Apple Silicon chips, which are still on track for this year, Apple is expected to roll out a high-end Mac mini before the year is out. Then, in 2022, we could see a “revamped, smaller Mac Pro” featuring custom Apple chips — and more.

A Mac mini, a PC and a G4 walk into a podcasting primer … [Setups]


See the G4 peeking out from under the desk? Ah, nostalgia.
See the G4 peeking out from under the desk? Ah, nostalgia.
Photo: omgaporksword@Reddit

It sounds like the setup to a punchline: A strapping young Mac mini, a yoked gaming PC and an elderly Power Mac G4 walk into a podcasting primer. Then what happens?

Well, if we’re talking about Redditor omgaporksword’s recent setup post, you learn a few OS-switching tricks, share some old-school Mac nostalgia and see how to position your USB microphone using a boom arm.

There is no punchline and there are no laughs. But please, people. Not everything is about humor. Except maybe omgaporksword’s Reddit handle.

M1 Mac mini usurps Mac Pro and tops MBP in super-widescreen rig [Setups]


A Mac mini usurped a 16-inch MacBook Pro in this super-widescreen setup.
A Mac mini usurped a 16-inch MacBook Pro in this super-widescreen setup.
Photo: OSJdesigns@Reddit

A lot of folks eagerly await new MacBook Pro models, preferably with updated M1 chips. You know, the ones not introduced at WWDC as predicted? In the meantime, plenty of people are snapping up the affordable and reportedly fabulous M1 Mac mini. We’ve seen it over and over again in our far-flung travels among Setups online.

Next Mac mini refresh could bring slimmer design, faster ‘M1X’ chip


M1X Mac mini concept
It could look a little like this.
Concept: Front Page Tech

Apple’s next Mac mini refresh could prove even more exciting than the last, thanks to a slimmer chassis design and a faster “M1X” chipset, according to a reliable leaker.

The machine is expected to be offered as a more powerful alternative to the existing M1 Mac mini, which is already faster than most Intel-powered Apple computers, but not a complete replacement.

Mood-lit musician isn’t grooving to M1 Mac mini’s sound [Setups]


It's amazing what some light strips and display wallpaper can do for ambiance.
It's amazing what some light strips and display wallpaper can do for ambiance.
Photo: skylar_schutz@Reddit

Redditor skylar_schutz makes music on keyboard and guitar, but their Mac mini M1’s sound quality doesn’t do it for them. That’s not a huge shock. Many mini owners, past and present — if they’re even close to identifying as audiophiles — use AirPlay 2, Bluetooth or USB-wired speakers with their setups.

“The sound coming out from the M1 mac mini is just so-so … wouldn’t recommend it if you aim to enjoy listening to music from it, more so if you intend to do music production,” skylar_schutz wrote in reply to a question.