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This clever multiport hub is also an accessory case [Review] ★★★★☆


JSAUX Omnicase 2 Pro review★★★★☆
The JSAUX Omnicase 2 Pro includes just about all the ports a traveler needs.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The JSAUX Omnicase 2 Pro is an 11-in-1 USB-C travel hub that offers USB and video ports plus SD card readers. And it sets itself apart from rival hubs with a built-in case for storing a cable, various adapters and SD cards. It’s ready to connect a Mac or iPad to USB accessories, monitors, Ethernet, memory cards and more. And it includes adapters if you run into connection problems.

I tested the multiport hub out to see how well it works. Here’s what I found.

Who needs HDMI? This gadget connects Mac or iPad to TV wirelessly [Review] ★★★★☆


Who needs HDMI? This gadget connects Mac or iPad to TV wirelessly★★★★☆
Don't use a cable when the plug-and-play EZCast Pocket is so much more convenient.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

EZCast Pocket lets a range of computers connect wirelessly to an external display. No additional software is needed — it’s very nearly as easy to use as a cable, but without the cable clutter.

I tested the affordable and very portable wireless video adapter in my home and on a business trip. Here are its strengths and occasional weaknesses.

Note: When this review was first published in March, there was so much interest that EZCast Pocket sold out almost immediately. Amazon once again has the product in stock so we’re re-publishing the review.

Double data transfer speeds with Belkin’s affordable new USB-C hub


Belkin Connect 4-Port USB-C Hub
You won't be hurting for USB-C ports with this hub. And it's made of recycled plastic.
Photo: Belkin

The Belkin Connect 4-Port USB-C Hub expands the number of accessories that can be plugged into a Mac or iPad without flattening your wallet. And its connections are fast: 10Gbps. That’s 2X the speed of other USB-C hubs.

As a bonus, the product is made with 72% post-consumer recycled plastics. It’s part of a commitment the company has made to using PCR plastic.

Add 3 high-speed ports to Mac with this svelte Thunderbolt hub [Review] ★★★★


Add 3 high-speed ports to Mac with Satechi Thunderbolt Slim Hub★★★★
Expand the capabilities of your Mac with Satechi's surprisingly small three-port Thunderbolt 4 hub.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Satechi Thunderbolt Slim Hub doesn’t take up much room on your desk, but it packs in a trio of very high-speed USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, plus a USB-A port.

The Thunderbolt 4 accessory is good enough to earn a CES 2023 Innovation Award. I put to the test in my home office.

Get a 500GB external hard drive for just $32.99


At 500GB, this external hard drives offers extra space for storage or transferring data.
Carry this external hard drive with you anywhere, and have your data always at hand.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You might ask yourself, “Do I need an external hard drive?” After all, you may be just like the average user — content with the 250GB or so capacity of your computer.

However, if you are a gamer, a movie buff or have a massive collection of downloaded material, consider adding more storage space. But even if you aren’t, there are other productive uses for having an external hard drive. For any of your storage needs, this sleek, portable hard drive can do the trick. It’s now on sale for $32.99 (regularly $39).

Best add-on portable displays for MacBook or iPad


Espresso Display V2
Take an external display with you when you travel. Here are some of the best.
Photo: espresso Displays

External screens for MacBook or iPad aren’t just convenient in the office — they’re also great to use on the go. There are a range of portable external displays on the market, including some with touchscreens.

Here are my recommendations for the best screens ready to go with you to a coffee shop or Paris.

Connect 3 displays to any Mac with these new docking stations


Connect 3 displays to any Mac with these new docking stations
The Plugable UD-768PDZ (at left) and UD-3900PDH are USB-C docks that add up to three external displays to a Mac.
Photo: Plugable

Plugable expanded its product line with two new triple display USB-C docking stations. These can add three screens even to Macs that are ordinarily limited to one external monitor.

The UD-3900PDH and UD-768PDZ docks also feature additional ports, including USB-A, Ethernet and SD card readers.

These tiny robots are actually a charger and a Bluetooth speaker


Power your devices with GravaStar Alpha65
This mecha is really a 65W three-port charger for your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Photo: GravaStar

There’s no reason your USB-C charger has to be dull. Rather than being the usual white or black box, GravaStar’s Alpha65 looks like a miniature robot. But it really is a 65W charger with multiple USB ports.

And the company’s Supernova is both a Bluetooth speaker and a portable lantern even though it looks like a mini mecha.

OWC’s new high-speed Thunderbolt dock takes 11 useful ports on the road [Review] ★★★★


OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock review★★★★
OWC's latest dock includes Thunderbolt 4 ports plus USB-A, HDMI and more.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock was designed to be taken on trips, which is unusual for a hub that uses this extremely fast connection standard. While portable, it still has room for eleven ports in a range useful types, including Thunderbolt 4 (of course), USB-A, HDMI, USB-C and more.

I put the dock through a series of real-world tests to see how well it performs.