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Man shed MacBook Pro rig craves Studio Display [Setups]


Maxed-out M1 Max MacBook Pro, curved 4K display, solid audio ... but a setup is never really done, is it?
Maxed-out M1 Max MacBook Pro, curved 4K display, solid audio ... but a computer setup is never really done, is it?
Photo: teh24@Reddit.com

To the age-old question “Is a computer setup ever really done?” the answer is obviously “no.” There’s always something to add or something to fix, and once you do that it’s time to update something else (even if you don’t technically “need” the latest thing).

Today’s well-laid MacBook Pro setup has a nice curved monitor, but its user “craves” a Studio Display like he sees in other setups. And for that matter, how about a quieter mechanical keyboard and some plants that won’t die immediately, too.

Apple expands Mac processor development in Israel


Apple M1 Max and M1 Pro chips
The Apple M1 Max and M1 Pro chips were designed in Israel.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple will reportedly design future Mac processors at a new R&D center in Jerusalem.

The company already does chip development in Israel. Some of the more powerful M1 variants were designed in the country.

Apple M2 is fast, but not faster than M1 Pro or M1 Max


Apple's M1 vs. M2.
The Apple M2 outperforms the M1, but not the other processors in the M1 series.
Photo: Apple

The first real-world benchmark tests of Apple’s M2 chip show that the just-launched processor is about 20% faster than the original M1. That’s welcome news for anyone in the market for a MacBook or iPad in the next few years.

But the newest chip does not offer better performance than Apple’s M1 Pro or M1 Max from 2021. That will have to wait for advanced versions of the M2 expected to launch in 2023.

First M1 Max and M1 Pro MacBooks hit Apple’s refurb store


2021 MacBook Pro review roundup: Just what we hoped for
New isn’t always the best option. Save big by buying a refurbished 2021 MacBook Pro from Apple.
Photo: Apple

Just added to Apple’s refurbished offerings are the MacBook Pro models that in launched fall of 2021 with the blazing fast M1 Max and M1 Pro processors. These refubs offer welcome cost savings — especially on such recent notebooks — but they can not be reconfigured. Buyers can only choose from the configurations Apple has in stock.

But again, savings are considerable: a refurbished 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max is up to $350 off.

Wait times for Mac Studio stretch into April


Colleen Novielli, the Mac product line manager, details the new Mac Studio.
The Mac Studio was recently unveiled and wait times are already into April. And into May in some cases.
Photo: Apple

The launch date for the Mac Studio is March 18, but preorders placed today won’t arrive until well after that. The wait for the version with the M1 Ultra processor is six weeks or more.

Just because the new desktop is already backordered doesn’t automatically mean there’s huge demand. But it’s not a bad sign, either.

How is Mac Studio with M1 Ultra so darn expensive?!


Apple blew our minds this week with its all-new and somewhat unexpected Mac Studio. The diminutive desktop, which has the same footprint as Mac mini but is almost three times as tall, is by far Cupertino’s most powerful machine to date when you buy it with the incredible new M1 Ultra chip.

There’s just one problem with that. The impressive M1 Ultra model, which is significantly more powerful than even the fastest Mac Pro, starts at a whopping $3,999 — a considerable jump from the M1 Max model, which starts at $1,999. And I can’t work out how it’s so darn expensive!

Apple’s new Mac Studio is a blazing-fast desktop with an M1 Ultra chip


Apple Mac Studio
Mac Studio is by far Apple's fastest desktop to date.
Photo: Apple

Apple on Tuesday gave us our first glimpse at its brand-new Mac Studio — its first desktop featuring the M1 Ultra chip. It’s bigger than a Mac mini but smaller than a Mac Pro, and it’s the most powerful machine Apple has built to date.

Its M1 Ultra chip makes Mac Studio twice as fast as a high-end MacBook Pro, with a 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, and up to 128GB of unified memory. And it’s still amazingly efficient.

Dropbox update finally brings Apple silicon support


Dropbox tests native Apple M1 app
A smoother, more efficient Dropbox experience.
Image: Dropbox/Cult of Mac

Dropbox this week rolled out the first stable update that optimizes its app for Apple silicon chips. The version 143.4.4161 release should be significantly snappier and more efficient on M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max machines.

The update, which should also fix a kernel extensions issue that prevents Dropbox from working properly under macOS 12.3, comes hot on the heels of a similar release for Dropbox competitor Microsoft OneDrive.

Intel leak reveals plans for more efficient chipsets to take on Apple silicon


M1 Max chip
Intel is targeting today's M1 chips, but it's not ready to compete yet.
Photo: Apple

Intel is planning to build more efficient mobile chipsets that will better compete with Apple silicon, according to a leaked internal roadmap.

The document outlines plans to take on the 14-inch MacBook Pro specifically with upcoming Arrow Lake processors that are scheduled to launch in late 2023 or early 2024. There just one (rather large) problem with that plan.

Want to make your monitor float in space? Try this. [Setups]


That display is not wall mounted. And it's not levitating, either. It just looks like it is.
That display is not wall mounted. And it's not levitating, either. It just looks like it is.
Photo: jck1634@Reddit.com

Who doesn’t love good optical illusions? And they’re especially cool when they result from an unexpected action that works as well as the expected action. Today’s featured computer setup surprised us with a floating display.

Thing is, though, the screen is not mounted on the wall. And it’s not levitating, either.