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Windows could come to M1 Macs with Qualcomm exclusivity ending ‘soon’


Apple MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon running Windows
Apple would likely be open to the idea.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

A version of Windows built to run on Arm processors could eventually come to M1 Mac models, with Qualcomm’s current exclusivity deal with Microsoft “set to expire soon,” according to a new report.

The deal, which wasn’t public knowledge until this week, could explain why there are only a limited number of Windows devices powered by Arm chips — all made by Qualcomm — on the market today. But that’s set to change.

New MacBook Pros prove surprisingly good at gaming


New MacBook Pro proves surprisingly good at gaming
The 2021 MacBook Pro can run Rise of the Tomb Raider as well as a top-tier Windows laptop.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max processors in the new MacBook Pro offer powerful graphic performance. That’s intended for artists rendering video and other professional tasks, but tests show that it translates to excellent gaming performance.

Of course, that doesn’t remedy the lack of high-end games for Mac.

Apple needs a 16-inch MacBook Air in its lineup


Apple needs a 16-inch MacBook Air in its lineup
This isn’t something beyond man’s power to create. Apple could, and should, make a 16-inch MacBook Air.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Some of the criticism leveled at the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro should inspire Apple to make a MacBook Air with the same size display. It would be the largest Air ever, but there seems to be a market for a very big, yet very slim, Mac notebook.

And that’s not something Apple offers in its current product lineup.

Save up to $100 on a brand-new iPad Pro with M1 chip


2021 iPad Pro with M1 chip
Claim yours before the discount disappears.
Photo: Apple

Now is a great time to pick up the newest iPad Pro with M1 chip, with Amazon offering savings of up to $100 — the biggest discount we’ve seen so far — on some models.

Prices start at $749 for an 11-inch device with 128GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity. The discounts won’t last long, so enjoy them while you can.

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Buying a new MacBook Pro? Apple offers up to $1,000 in trade-in credit for M1 machines


An M1 Mac like the new MacBook Pro has some drawbacks.
Send in your M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for a juicy discount.
Photo: Apple

Apple Unleashed event bug Apple is offering a rather generous trade-in deal on the exciting new MacBook Pro, with up to $1,000 in credit available for those who send in an M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The credit could reduce the price of your new notebook to as little as $999 — or $1,499 if you opt for the larger 16-inch model.

The value of your existing machine depends on its condition and specifications, however, it seems RAM capacity doesn’t make a difference.

Parallels 17.1 brings better Windows 11 support for Intel and M1 Macs


Parallels Desktop with Windows 11
Grab the newest update today.
Photo: Parallels

Parallels Desktop 17.1 is now available for Mac, bringing improved Windows 11 support for those looking to run Microsoft’s latest operating system on their Mac, whether it’s powered by an Intel or Apple Silicon chip.

The update introduces Virtual Trusted Platform Modules (vTPM) for all future and past Windows 11 virtual machines — complying with Windows 11’s system requirements that call for a vTPM chip.

New M1 MacBook Air hits all-new low after $149 discount


MacBook Air M1 2020
Get yours before the discount disappears.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple’s awesome new MacBook Air with M1 chip is now more affordable than ever before, with up to $149.01 — the biggest discount yet — off the usual price on Amazon. Order yours today for as little as $849.99.

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Microsoft says Windows 11 on Apple Silicon is ‘not a supported scenario’


Windows 11 not supported on Apple Silicon. It's not surprising, but it is a shame.
It's not surprising, but it is a shame.
Photo: Dwayne/Flickr CC

Microsoft has dashed hopes that Windows 11 might one day be available on Apple Silicon machines. The company says running its newest operating system on an M1 Mac is “not a supported scenario.”

The statement comes after Parallels Desktop 17 users ran into hardware compatibility errors when running Windows 11 on newer Apple devices.

Lawyers prepare class-action lawsuit over M1 MacBook screen cracks


M1 MacBook screen cracks lead to lawsuit. Look out, Cupertino.
Look out, Cupertino.
Photo: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr CC

Apple could soon be on the receiving end of another class-action lawsuit, with lawyers currently investigating the company over reports that its new M1 MacBook models are vulnerable to screen cracks during normal usage.

A growing number of users complain in online forums that their MacBook displays suffered what the attorneys call “dramatic cracks,” despite not being mishandled. Many say they spent upward of $600 on repairs.